Dragon’s Breath Smells Fresh With ‘The Hobbit’ Smaug Incense Burner

“I’ve always wondered what dragon’s breath smells like,” said no one ever. But thankfully, with ThinkGeek‘s “The Hobbit” Smaug incense burner, dragon’s breath smells refreshingly good — like lavender!

This ‘Hobbit’ Smaug Incense Burner is set up so that it looks like the smoke from your incense is coming from Smaug’s own mouth. You supply the cone incense which will billow forth from between Smaug the Magnificent’s teeth as the remnants of his fiery breath.

For a whopping $99.99, you can have your very own Smaug incense burner and find out what a dragon’s fiery breath smells like!

Originally published at www.nerdacy.com on April 13, 2016.

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