Original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Returning to Theaters This Summer!

With the new Disney-led “Star Wars” trilogy, the iconic, global franchise now spans three generations. It’s probably one of the few blockbuster franchises out there to truly be a family event whenever a new installment releases — which is probably why J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” did so well in December.

To celebrate “Star Wars” for no apparent reason other than being “Star Wars,” the Alamo Drafthouse will tour the United States, showing the original “Star Wars” trilogy — “Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope,” “Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back,” and “Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi” — in each of their theaters beginning this August.

There are millions of “Star Wars” in the U.S. that never got the chance to see the original trilogy of the big screen — me being one of them. Most of us were either too young or too ignorant when they released in theaters and then again during the special edition re-release.

Appropriately titled “The Return of the Trilogy” Roadshow will begin on Aug. 6 throughout the U.S. and continue thru the summer. Below are the currently announced roadshow dates, with more dates and locations to be added.

August 6 — San Francisco, CA / The Warfield
August 6 — Kansas City, MO / The Midland Theatre
August 6 — Washington, D.C. / Warner Theatre
August 6 — Los Angeles, CA / The Theatre at the Ace Hotel
August 6 — New York, NY / The Town Hall
August 6 — Miami, FL / Olympia Theatre
August 6 — San Antonio, TX Majestic Theatre
August 7 — New York, NY / Kings Theatre
August 7 — Dallas, TX / Majestic Theatre
August 11 — Austin, TX / The Long Center for the Performing Arts (Ep. 4-A New Hope)
August 12 — Austin, TX / The Long Center for the Performing Arts (Ep. 5-The Empire Strikes Back)
August 13 — Austin, TX / The Long Center for the Performing Arts (Ep. 6-Return of the Jedi)
August 13 — Philadelphia, PA / The Keswick Theatre
August 13 — Louisville, KY / Brown Theatre
August 20 — Oakland, CA / Paramount Theatre
August 27 — Boston, MA / The Boston Opera House
Date TBD — Houston, TX / Venue TBD
Date TBD — Denver, CO / Venue TBD
“It’s always been a dream to show the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy again — somehow, someway,” says Alamo Drafthouse’s VP of Special Events, Henri Mazza. “Seeing the original trilogy on the big screen for the first time is a real life-altering event and just a supreme amount of fun. When the films became available to book for screenings like these, we jumped at the chance to do something big.”

Tickets for “The Return of the Trilogy” Roadshow go on sale on… May 4. Yes, “Star Wars” day. So… May the Fourth be with you.

Originally published at www.nerdacy.com on April 13, 2016.

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