Sorcery — Guy Stashes Video Games Inside a Gamecube Logo!

Back in the day, when video games cost no more than $50 and season passes were all but unheard of, the biggest issue plaguing gamers was where to stash all those games. Sure, we asked our parents to get us some slick-looking towers from IKEA that were meant for CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays but were then repurposed for a higher calling — video games.

Nowadays, most of us just keep our games lying around, somewhere in the arm-reaching vicinity of whatever console we’re playing. But Redditor Edgemeredrive took things to a whole nother level when he built a Gamecube logo and stashed his video game collection in it.

I wanted a shelf for some of my games so I built one that’s looks like the GameCube logo. It holds 180 games. I plan on putting my GameCube inside the square compartment and getting a tv to set on top. Overall this is 35"x35" I printed up the logo on a piece of paper and measured everything so the inside G could be a shelf for the games and went from there. It is built in two pieces so I can fit it through doorways. But made it so you can’t see the seams. I currently have more than just GameCube games on it but whatever I like the way it turned out.

There have been some pretty cool collection boxes before, but this easily takes the cake. It’s… just… perfect! Why can’t I be this creative? My games are stacked from left-to-right then whatever is left over is thrown on top. My biggest issue is opening a case with the wrong game in it, then going on a five-minute journey looking for the game.