The Different Pronunciations Of Ra’s Al Ghul On Arrow Explained

During The Flash panel at WonderCon 2015, series co-creator and writer Andrew Kreisberg answered a few fan questions regarding the speedster, as well as the Green Arrow. Remember, Kreisberg co-created Arrow, too, and is currently working on yet another Flash/Arrow spinoff.

One of the questions asked was in regards to the correct, or differing, pronunciations of Ra’s Al Ghul on Arrow. Why do some people say Ra’s as Raysh and others as Raas? Kreisberg gave a simple, yet sensible answer: If you’re in the League of Assassins then you call him Raysh, if you’re not, you call him Raas. That’s the difference between the pronunciations on Arrow.

However, the correct comic book pronunciation is Raysh. Here’s is a detailed explanation as to why that is from a Comicvine user:

Many people pronounce Ra’s Al Ghul’s name as Raas from watching the Nolan movies. This is in fact wrong. The other day I found a comment on youtube for a video about the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, starring Liam Neeson, who returns as Ra’s Al Ghul, within which the commenter stated that he spoke the language which the name came from, and that Ra’s is pronounced Raas. I’m not sure what language he was referring to but if I’m not mistaken, Ra’s Al Ghul’s name was from Ancient Egyptian tongue. More specifically the God Ra’s. Ra’s meaning Ray or See. In that tongue, Ra’s is pronounced Raish.

Considering that none of us here are in the League of Assassins, it’s okay to still pronounce the name as Raas.