The New ‘Warcraft’ Trailer Would Be Good, If You Replaced the Music

The second trailer for Duncan Jones’ highly-anticipated “Warcraft” movie, based on the video game series of the same name, has released, and it has, well… interesting background music.

Studios may not realize this yet, but when you put dubstep/pop/electronica music into trailers, think really hard about whether or not it fits. In the case of “Suicide Squad,” it does. But if you, Universal and Legendary, are trying to market a fantasy movie like “Warcraft,” adding electronica music in the trailer simply isn’t a good idea. Think I’m wrong? Then how about listening to the fans…

That’s right, even the director, Duncan Jones, isn’t impressed with the music in the trailer.

“Warcraft” is the type of movie that needs “Lord of the Rings” music, not The Prodigy. If want to use something other than original music in the trailers, which I get is commonplace, then how about using the music from the games? That will instill a bit of nostalgia in people who play the games — even those who don’t anymore — and lock them in for when the movie releases this June.

Should we be surprised that Universal would add this kind of music to their trailers? After all, the studio did use Halsey’s “Castle” to market “The Huntsman: Winter’s War,” and that was ill-advised.

“Warcraft” releases in theaters on June 10.