This Theater Chain Charges Premiums for Watching Blockbuster Movies

Want to see ‘Captain America: Civil War’? That’ll be an additional £1.50.

Nowadays, seeing a movie with a family of four can cost a minimum of $60 — four regular, 2D-tickets and one large popcorn. Movie ticket prices are on the rise everywhere, but one theater chain in the UK is taking them even higher.

UK theater chain Odeon Cinemas has been surcharging customers for select “blockbuster” movies, like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” — and will be doing the same for “Captain America: Civil War.”

However, the surcharge varies. For instance, moviegoers were charged an additional £.50 for “Zootopia” — or “Zootropolis” as it was titled in the UK — while moviegoers were charged £1.50 for “Batman v Superman” and £2 for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

This isn’t anything new, though. Odeon has been surcharging customers for at least 1 1/2 years. The theater chain told Film Divider in 2014, around the release of “Interstellar,” they utilize a dynamic pricing policy to ensure discounts during “quiet periods.”

“So we can give our guests the very best experience and keep it that way, we operate a dynamic pricing policy so that we can offer some excellent discounts during our quiet periods. As ‘Interstellar’ is a blockbuster film and has a high popularity rating, the premium price is applied. However this extra £1 will be dropped from the films after a few weeks of release”.

Having dynamic pricing is fine, but the question is, if a “blockbuster” movie releases during a typical “quiet period,” like February, will customers still be charged a premium? More importantly, what is the premium for?

While the aforementioned premiums are for “blockbuster” releases, Odeon actually surcharges customers based on a variety of factors. Odeon says their ticket prices vary depending on location, the type of entertainment, seat type, time since release, the age of customers, and the number of people in a group.

Den of Geek reported in September that Odeon Cinemas was charging premiums on top of premiums, too, for new releases. For example, “Spectre” cost an additional £1.50 to see its first week while “The Martian” had only an addition £1 surcharge.

What ever happened to just having matinee tickets and regular tickets?