Uber Changes

Uber has electric cars and vehicles that are handled alone, but it seems that Uber, the leading carpooling company, wants to go further. The company hired Mark Moore, a veteran NASA engineer, to develop a prototype of a flying car. Moore says we will have these cars faster than we think. Is that, according to this American scientist, by 2020 we will be living the era of flying cars. But for now, we will focus on the current Uber changes.

The latest update of the Google map application has brought us the native integration of the Uber service into Google Maps. Thanks to the deep integration made by the developers we can pay for the transport service without leaving the app.

In the same way that public transport systems like the bus or the taxi were introduced in the application now, it is the turn to Uber, which is integrated into the application. There will be several Uber options that we can choose, from Pool to the select Uber Black, and we will be informed of where the nearest car, in time, before we request that we come to collect.

Uber worked on the speed of arrival of vehicles, but will also try to make time users gain by incorporating technologies to improve the coordination of the points from where they are requested and predict what the consumer wants.

For some services such as UberX, UberPool, the application will also immediately indicate the race rate and the expected time of arrival.

When the user launches the mobile application, Uber now asks him directly where he wants to go.

You can also connect the contacts saved in the cell with the app; So friends and family will become new destinations and the app will send them a notification to share the location where they are to pick them up.

In addition to an exact address, it will be possible in the future to write the name of a restaurant (the address appears automatically) or a friend: then Uber will send you a notification to see if you agree to provide your location.

The app will connect directly to the user calendar (in case you are authorized to do so) and automatically synchronize appointments that have a defined address. This way you will not need to re-enter the address in Uber and the app will directly suggest the address of your next appointment. This is how the Waze app works now if it is connected to the calendar.

From the app, you can directly listen to music from the Pandora streaming service, get Yelp restaurant recommendations or Foursquare based, as well as unlock exclusive Snapchat filters. Food can also be ordered through the Uber Eats service. All these services will be used depending on availability in each country.

The user will be offered some “shortcuts” with personalized buttons predicting where they are likely to want to go from their previous trips: it can be the address of the house, office or nursery where Uber recorded that he or she left each Tomorrow to your children.

All the details of the trip will be in one place. You can see all the information about the driver, follow the arrival on the map, change the destination, split the price with other users and share the route with other people, on the same screen.

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