Make your default search engine.

Julia Izabela
Mar 1, 2012 · 3 min read

The most private search experience from comes with the world’s best search results from the Google search engine. To use its full potential you have to make it the default web browser. Let’s face it, we are all creatures of the habit. Even if you want to make the switch your mind will still type w w w. g o o …..

If your are a Google Chrome or Chromium user:

  1. Click the wrench icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select Options (or Preferences, or Settings)
  3. It will open on Basic tab. Go to Search options.
  4. Press the Manage Search Engines Button

You will have a list of default search engines, other and added by extensions. On the Other list, you might be surprised to see a lot of webpages. Basically anything with a search function you have visited, or so it seems. Just scroll down to the bottom of the list and add

You will have a new field and add there in order:

Press enter and scroll up. It will be placed alphabetically so it might be a bit high. Now when you scroll mouse over the added line you should get a blue Make Default button appear. Click it. It will be moved to the upper window. If you do not have the blue make default, make sure that the URL is correct.

Now you can enjoy your new default browser, secure, private with just google-astic results straigth from your Google Chrome address bar:

And get the results, just like before: from Google, but from Startpage :)

If you want to use it in Firefox, just visit startpage download website, from Firefox. Follow the instructions there. After you do, press the search engine button and choose Manage Search Engines. Drag and drop the search engine you like to the top of the list:

If you visit it from another browser, it will show you a different page. There is also a website for Google Chrome, but it did not work for me. Although for last few days, many things do not work on my Google Chrome. So it might be just that.

Instructions for Opera worked just great. No tweaks needed.

In Safari, go to the same website as for Firefox. Than do steps 1–3. But later just scroll down to find Startpage. It is already on the list. Click it, and you can also move it up the list by drag and drop. In the search window, just choose Startpage in stead of Google. Since Safari still cannot search in the address bar, it is all you have to do.


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