Nerves Airdrop Official Announcement — 3000 NER for each participant

Welcome to the world of NERVES!

After a period of research and development, we would like to announce the officially launch of Nerves project to the community.

To start the event chain of Nerves, the development team is very glad to announce the Nerves Airdrop campaign. This campaign is to award 25,000 earliest participants and the reward for each eligible participant will be 3000 NER.

About Nerves

Nerves Blockchain is a different type of network that is supportive of Internet of Things (IoT) devices which is more interested in self-privacy, ensuring scalability for other systems and networks, as well as acting as the core backbone for other chains.

6 Key Features of Nerves

  • Proof of Linkage
  • 500 million TPS
  • Anti-hack
  • Blockchain to Blockchain
  • Sharding
  • D-app ecosystem

How to participate in Nerves Airdrop campaign?

To take part in the campaign, please be sure to fulfill all the necessary steps as bellows: 
Starting the conversation with our Airdrop bot on Telegram @Nerves_air_bot

  • Step 1: Join and Comment on our Telegram group
  • Step 2: Follow and Retweet our Twitter official page
  • Step 3: Fill in your @TwitterID
  • Step 4: Fill in your Retweet link
  • Step 5: Fill in your Email address
  • Step 6: Fill in your ETH Address

Note 1: Your ETH wallet must be ERC20 compatible wallet, DO NOT USE EXCHANGE ADDRESS

The campaign will end when Nerves telegram group reaches 25,000 members as well as Nerves official twitter gets 25,000 followers. Nerves system then will proceed to review the valid participants. Eligible participants will receive the latest 3000 NER reward no longer than October 10th 2018

Eligibilities to become a qualified participant:

  • Each participant will be allowed to use ONLY ONE Telegram account and ONLY ONE Twitter account. Using multiple accounts to join the campaign is considered as a fraud action
  • Following the instructions as above mentioned
  • Stay in Telegram group and keep following Nerves Twitter until rewards are distributed.

Note 2: All the fraud or cheating actions will be eliminated by our review system and will be counted as the invalid participants.