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Nervos Foundation Joins Cross-Chain Group

A Coalition for Blockchain Interoperability

In an industry that lives by an open-source ethos, it’s contradictory that the blockchain space consists of various mainnets, forks and side-chains, unable to communicate with one another. Over the past several years, it has become increasingly clear that a single-chain solution is unlikely to emerge, resulting in a growing need for the blockchain space to establish its own set of standards, to facilitate interoperability.

The Cross Chain Group (CCG) is building a coalition of projects with the shared goal of promoting the design and implementation of cross-chain technology. The Nervos Foundation is thrilled to be one of the core projects invited to join CCG, to help realize this collective vision through research, development, and education. Founded in August 2019 by Summa (Nervos grant recipient currently developing BTC<>CKB interoperability) and Keep, CCG is a grassroots organization that enables multilateral coordination between individuals and companies at the forefront of blockchain engineering, through research, design, and implementation of technologies.

Nervos: The Layer 1 for All Layer 2 Protocols

One of the key features of the Nervos Network is the layered architecture — we separate decentralized knowledge and computation, pushing the heavy lifting off the main public chain (CKB) while providing security to all Layer 2 protocols. Co-founder Kevin Wang commented “Joining CCG aligns perfectly with the Nervos ethos. We believe a multi-blockchain future is a necessary reality, and joining like-minded projects to facilitate this is a critical step toward enabling cross-chain interoperability that will benefit multiple Layer 1 projects, and ultimately benefit the entire blockchain ecosystem.”

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