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3 min readFeb 12, 2020


Our Grants Program launched in January, and the positive response and quality of submissions from the community has been amazing.

The initial objective of the Grants Program is to attract the talent necessary to develop the tooling and infrastructure to build solutions around Nervos, and to incentivize projects who are passionate about working on these solutions. With these priorities in mind, we’re pleased to announce our first grant recipients.

Goal: Future Bitcoin Support

Summa is a technology solutions provider that develops cross-chain interoperability tools. In working with Nervos, Summa will build the underlying foundation for future Bitcoin interoperability on the Nervos Network. This will eventually enable CKB-to-Bitcoin swaps as well as the tokenization of BTC on the Nervos Network.

In the short term, Summa is expanding its Bitcoin SPV, a set of open-source libraries for working with Bitcoin from other chains, to support Nervos CKB. Bitcoin SPV for CKB will enable cross-chain communication like swaps, relays, and bridges between Bitcoin and CKB, allowing Nervos to reach larger markets, expand its feature-sets, and access new liquidity in a unified cross-chain marketplace.

Matthew Hammond, co-founder of Summa, commented “Nervos CKB solves many of the problems of the Ethereum-like rich state, while still allowing complex smart contracts. We are excited to expand our SPV libraries to supplement their innovative state model.”

Awarded Funding: $75,000

Read more about the Summa team and the scope of the project by reviewing their grant RFC on Nervos Talk.

Goal: Developer-Friendly Tools

Founded by Y Combinator alumni, Obsidian Labs helps public chains deploy Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).

For Nervos, Obsidian will build an easy-to-use, graphic IDE for developers, to expedite dApp development. It will include features like coding, compiling, deploying and debugging.

Rose Ren, co-founder of Obsidian Labs, thinks “Nervos is a promising public chain that inherits and expands on Bitcoin’s UTXO design; it has the potential to bring new technological advancements and applications to the blockchain industry. Plenty of developers are eager to build on promising new blockchains like Nervos, but they need the right tools to make a successful transition into a decentralized environment. The Nervos IDE will make it much easier for developers to build and launch dApps on Nervos.”

Awarded Funding: $180,000

Learn more about the team at Obsidian Labs and the project scope by reviewing their grant submission RFC on Nervos Talk.

Our goal is to understand the core needs of the ecosystem and look for great projects who will help facilitate growth. We are excited to welcome Obsidian Labs and Summa to the Nervos ecosystem.

Have a great project or idea? We invite you to read more about our Grants Program process and apply.

For discussions or questions check out one of our community Telegram channels: English, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese or join the conversation on Discord



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