By: Sofia Bralich

On April 4, 2017, Sarah Halimi was killed by her neighbor, Kobili Traoré, when he threw her out of her apartment window. This brutal murder is an immense tragedy on its own. However, the tragedy and pain from her murder is intensified by the decision of the French supreme court to not bring her murderer to trial. The court ruled recently that Traoré was mentally incapacitated due to smoking cannabis and therefore cannot be held accountable. This failure of justice is dangerous. It sends the message that Jewish lives are inconsequential and that antisemitism will be protected.

By: Deanna Kahn

History & Significance

Lag BaOmer is a minor Jewish holiday whose origins are somewhat unclear, as it commemorates a number of historical and celebratory events. Lag BaOmer falls on the 33rd day of Omer; this is because it’s comprised of the Hebrew letters lamed (ל) and gimel (ג) which together represent the numerical value 33. The Omer refers to the counting period between Passover and Shavuot, a mournful period of time that is given respite on Lag BaOmer. …

By: Hana Tzipora

There are things worse than having


As I have learned

As I have found.

There are things worse than wearing your conflictions on your sleeve because you are so

Tired of hiding and of

Lying by


Just to fit in where you are supposed to


And there are things worse than the feeling of eyes on your back and Words that make your ears burn

Because you know they are being spoken, but you cannot always find the source because

There is never only


There are worse things than letting go of your

by Sofia Bralich

For me, queer identity and spirituality are deeply intertwined and inform each other. However, for most of my life, I’ve felt like they’ve been pulled apart. It’s only recently, with my journey to converting to Judaism, that I’ve felt them coming together again in a way that makes me feel whole. Mishkan Ga’avah: Where Pride Dwells is “a celebration of LGBTQ Jewish life and ritual” containing prayers, blessings, and readings for every part of Jewish life. From personal morning prayers to community and special occasion blessings, Where Pride Dwells does a beautiful job of incorporating queer lived…

by Heni Pupco & Jess Pavlides

In a month that is meant to be celebrating women and their accomplishments, we have once again found ourselves mourning, fighting, and begging for our humanity and freedom. At Nesh, we acknowledge these difficult times and recognize that they appear to be cyclical, incessant, and something that needs to be fought against every day of the year.

However, at this time, we also want to try to provide some light in the dark and try to remind ourselves what Women’s History Month is about. Women make history left and right, and the four Queer…

By Jacob Gelman

On March 11th, the European Union voted by a large majority to support a symbolic resolution declaring land within the 27 member states as an “LGBT Freedom Zone.” With 492 votes in favor and 141 against, the resolution passed through with overwhelming support and little pushback.

The initiative is largely symbolic and holds little to no legislative authority. It simply serves as a way to project support for LGBT people living within the European Union. It was started by the group LGBTI Intergroup as a way to combat Poland’s recent attacks on the LGBT community.

March marks…

What Happened?

Recently, two gay men in Russia were taken by Chechen security officials. The two men (Salekh Magamadov, 20, and Ismail Isteyev, 17) were kidnapped on February 4 from a safe house outside Moscow. Chechnya’s government had previously tortured the two men before being given safety by The Russian LGBT Network. According to the charity The Russian LGBT Network, one of the men had made a panicked call before being taken by Chechnya police.

They had originally been brought to be witnesses and have since been charged with complicity with illegal arms groups. They remain in Chechnya police’s custody.

By Rabbi Mike Moskowitz & Rabbi Yale Rapport

In recent history, nearly 70% of Massachusetts voted YES on ballot initiative 3, protecting the rights of transfolk against discrimination. This tremendous display of support was brought about by the tireless efforts of transfolk, activists, advocates, and allies. Now that this clear action item has been achieved, we must again ask ourselves: now what? How can we continue to strengthen our sense of communal responsibility, advanced through our quest for inclusivity and human dignity? We witnessed what a powerful result was achieved through the spiritual exercise of networking our resources or “allying…

Jess Nora strengthens their community through baking.

The past year has been a lot of change and adaptation for many. It has been a year of finding new ways to connect: to our religion, our life values, and each other. This Purim, I knew I wanted to connect with my Jewish community in a pandemic-safe way with more than virtual services, as great as my Temple’s virtual events have been.

While I was trying to figure out my Purim plans, a Facebook group called “Jewish Support Network” decided to organize a Mishloach Manot basket trade where people could choose to…

Talia R. BarNoy writes about holloways and a creature made of earth

A holloway is a well-beaten-down path that is traveled so often that its travelers leave behind an imprint on the earth. A holloway is made through voices and shared experiences, travel advice and traditions.

There was one such holloway near my home.

I knew it was there because of the traditions of my little community nestled into the land a small distance from the Red Sea and because of the group of archaeologists who “discovered” it named it holloway. When they came, they didn’t excavate with holes in the ground; they combed through the tall grass and brushed past the…

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