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Introducing The Other Fruit

The Other Fruit (TOF) is a Web3 marketplace that redefines the status quo and epitomizes how blockchain-based markets should be. Featuring legal contract creation, service listings, geotagging and provenance of assets, end-to-end encrypted messaging, and ZKP login functions, TOF provides a progressive marketplace for Web3 users.

The boom of marketplaces spawned from the last NFT summer, where prominent marketplaces such as OpenSea, SuperRare, Foundation, Magic Eden gained massive attention. Following that was the arrival of other players like LooksRare, X2Y2, Immutable X, Solanart, with new features added on top of the pioneers. These marketplaces focused heavily on features favored by NFT traders and flippers like price discovery, collection discovery, liquidity, stats chart, listing numbers, and low royalty fees — which allowed traders to profit greatly from the heated market.

However, times have changed. NFTs are no longer as exciting as when they began. Most investors no longer consider this asset class the gold rush. A lot of PFP collections vanished into thin air, and many blue-chip NFTs plummeted in value. After the cloud of hype has vaporized, the true value and utilities of NFTs emerged. New NFT projects started focusing on functionality and utility, and so here comes TOF — the marketplace that provides the infrastructure to support current and future market needs.

Let us break down our key features. You might just happen to stumble upon functions you’ve been waiting to see for years.

Key Features

Legal Contraction Creation
• Create template contracts or editable, transaction-specific contracts for any asset or service you list
• Support CC0 contract for NFT creation
• Upload legal documents to your account
• All contract agreements are time-stamped registration on our L1
• Create and download invoices
• Create personalized terms and conditions for trades
• Built-in contract signing, similar to DocuSign

Service Listings
• Support services listings like tattoo services, interest courses, and events
• With contracts uploaded with the benefits for the protection of both service providers and customers
• With a dispute mechanism for settling disputed contracts
• The marketplace is no longer just for NFT, but really for enhancing the web3 ecosystem

Asset’s Geolocation
• Geolocate assets and services for discoverability by location
• With our Map, we can filter globally by artist, NFT, post, or any categories
• Assets, services, and events can create with geolocation
• Users can browse the Map for the above

Asset Provenance
• Allow generating certificates of authenticity and provenance tracking for assets
• Upload and create your created NFT assets to other marketplaces on different chains, act as a registration of your assets on other platforms
End-to-End Encrypted Messaging
• Buyers and sellers interact for assets, events, and services
• Facilitate communication before making purchases, and more confidence for buyers

Common Features
• All other features you can find on other marketplaces
• Easy-minting services
• Bulk-minting
• Profile management
• Pay with fiat or crypto

Who is TOF for?

TOF is a Web3 marketplace for various types of users. Our comprehensive features answer the frustrations of artists, creators, absolute beginners, and even seasoned Web3 users. We are looking to pave the way for service providers and event organizers to get themselves geared up for the future of the Web.

Artists can derive benefit from our system for art authentication, provenance, and contract creation to stake their claim on IP rights over their work.

Creators can take advantage of our easy NFT creation for various media types and the seamless push function to other chains and marketplaces.

Service providers can list their services with service contracts and dispute mechanism support. A C2C service matching leverages Web3 technologies to encourage adoption.

Event organizers can create NFT tickets with bulk-minting services and convenient payment with fiat or crypto. They can launch events with our geolocation features and allow geolocation discovery for users. If it is your first time entering Web3, no worries, TOF is very straightforward and intuitive.

Buyers can discover assets, services, and events through geolocation on the Map. They can clearly understand their rights according to the attached contracts with NFTs, services, and events.

Final Thoughts

The Other Fruit is designed for the current and future Web3 market. Onboarding events and services carve out a whole new category of NFTs aimed to enhance our daily life experience — with Web3 as the new norm. This is just the beginning.

We’ll be launching this week! Be part of this revolution by joining our social media channels. We’d love to hear from you too! Let us know what features you want to see in the future. Or the biggest pain in your ass while engaging with the blockchain. They’re all welcome!

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