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What is AERIE?

Previously, we introduced the NEST® mobile app and The Other Fruit marketplace. Today, we unveil AERIE, a web portal and desktop application offering business-focused NFT services, digital identity, and CRM management. With AERIE, businesses and organizations can utilize Web3 technologies in a convenient way.

Last year, the NFT market was primarily recognized as customer-to-customer, with marketplaces like OpenSea, Foundations, and MagicEden serving as a platform for artists and buyers to conduct commercial transactions. That stage of NFT, where assets are primarily digitized art, needed nothing more than a buy-and-sell platform.

NFTs are constantly evolving. From PFP collections and collectibles, we are moving on to the next generation non-fungible assets, called NFT 2.0. Real-world adoption and use cases are growing. Businesses and organizations started noticing how blockchain and tokenization could transform event ticketing, CRM management, certification, and the likes.

As more functions and use cases come to light, businesses are pivoting to leverage the technology. AERIE is not just another NFT minting platform. Rather, it is an all-in-one, business-oriented application facilitating interaction with the blockchain.

Who is AERIE for?

AERIE is a convenient solution for businesses diving into Web3. We created the first business-oriented experience for corporate and business users to utilize Web3 technologies.

Crypto asset managers and financial institutions can help integrate customers with our CRM system and custodian services. Our SSDID feature also gives customers true ownership of their digital assets.

Artists and service providers (i.e., tattoo artists) can explore our multi-chain NFT minting features, including contract customization, split royalties, AI checks, etc.

Event organizers can make ticketing more efficient and secure with our NFT ticketing product, which also supports QR codes in an uncomplicated way. They could also add new attributes and perks to the minted ticket for future utilities and the CRM system to manage attendees.

Brands and businesses can easily mint NFTs paying with fiat, minting across chains, swapping networks, editing NFTs, whitelisting/airdrops, etc.

Key Features

• Single and bulk minting on any network (ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, SOL, KLAY)
• Single and bulk NFT transfer
• Push digital assets to other marketplaces
• Import NFT collections
• Edit NFTs after minting (i.e., adding perks)
• Whitelisting and airdrop function
• Dynamic contract library for NFT customization
• Split royalties
• QR codes for verification (memberships, access, or redeemables)
• AI check to prevent plagiarism

SSDID (Self-Sovereign Digital Identity)
• SSDID creation and CRM system
• AML/KYC for clients and employees
• Multi-signature feature
• Asset management under ID (transfer, network swapping, and editing of assets)
• Encryption of master files and provenance tracking
• Create and import blockchain wallets

Event Ticketing
• NFT ticket creation
• Support ticket categories with attributes for selected ticket tiers
• QR codes for verification at live events
• Geolocation for events
• Add attributes to tickets after minting
• Dynamic NFT tickets which can collect and display statistics on each event

Final Thoughts

AERIE is designed for the current and future Web3 market, especially those requiring business-oriented capabilities. The NEST® team is made of experienced and visionary builders; we understand the market’s issues and react ahead of them. This is just the beginning of AERIE, and we have more to reveal.

We’ll be launching tomorrow! Be part of this revolution by joining our social media channels. We’d love to hear from you too! Let us know what features you want to see in the future. Or the biggest pain in your ass while engaging with the blockchain. They’re all welcome!

Austin Cheung | NEST®

Gio Tang | NEST®

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