NWWU#15: July 4–8

Nested Weekly Wrap-ups
1 min readJul 8, 2022


Tech & Product

On the tech & product sides of things, our teams have been focusing on:

The Explorer

  • Enhancement of the “Explore Network” & “Latest copies” section


  • New page : Claimable royalties + Claimed royalties history

Sending a portfolio

  • Alert message preventing users from sending a portfolio to the wrong address (like a centralized exchange)


From a growth perspective, we have:

  • Collaborated with The Block to publish an overview of what we’ve been up to.
  • Pushed an overview with Cointribune:
  • Opened our “LEGO Twitter Flood” — participations open until July 18
  • Officially announced our sponsorship of the coming NFTParis event
  • Insured our TVL up to $5 million with Nexus Mutual to further protect our users’ funds


Looking for your next move within an exciting web 3.0 start-up!?

We’re hiring guys!

  • Backend engineers (Nodejs, Typescript, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, French Speakers).
  • Frontend engineers (React, Tailwind CSS, GraphQL, French Speakers)

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