6 movies that are way deeper than they appear

There’s no doubt that God is always speaking to humanity. He speaks mostly without sound, yet His voice is so loud and He is always speaking. In this treatise, I present 6 secular movies that either pointed the entire human race to something we are all missing. Some explained our origin, there are others that raised a call for discovering ourselves and interestingly, some really warned us about what’s coming for everyone. Well if you were merely entertained by these movies, think again about the message passed.

Number 1 — The Matrix (1999)

This science fiction ushered in amazing visual effects which sprouted an era of movies including the many super heroes movies like Avengers. What did we learn from The Matrix, Neo dodging bullets?

We were made to understand that The Matrix is the world everyone lived in, just like our world, and that nothing in it was real — it was a mere simulated reality. Every soul was asleep in a liquid-filled pod. The world needed a saviour from the black-suited agents, and Neo was discovered by Morpheus, who believed the former was the chosen one.

The Matrix is an exaggerated version of the world we live in today. Except you have the pure life, every other human around is a potential agent, standing in your way, frustrating your everyday life. Also, nothing seem real. When we die, we don’t take away a pin.

Unlike in the movie, where death in The Matrix meant death of the real person, It’s strongly believed that when we die on earth, we wake up elsewhere. Another contrast here is there’s no phone call to answer on the earth, and the sudden disappearance don’t happen.

However, we are presented at least once in our lifetime with a choice, much like the blue or red pill. We must decide if we will accept life or death. Life awakens us to who we really are. Death is total ignorance from the full life we could have.

Number 2 — Moana (2016)

Moana is currently my favourite animation movie. I love all the songs. I saw more in the movie than the mere entertainment part of it. My best part was the part where she ran out of the cave, where her grandmother had taken her to. “We were voyagers! we were voyagers!”. She had discovered the truth that had been hid for a long time from everyone.

There are 2 major voices in the movie. The voice of reason and the voice of truth.

The voice of reason was from her father. It sounded fearful, cautious, safer and somewhat logical. However, it was not the truth about Moana or her people. The voice of truth was daring, it was scary, unpopular but hopeful. This was from her grandmother. In it was wrapped the true purpose of the teenager, and what she truly was — the saviour of her people.

There are truths about every human that has been hid for a very long time, now known to all. This truth is daring, scary, and unpopular. Many won’t accept it. The truth is that God can tabernacle in man. It is the hope of glory, and much more, that we are all sons of the most high God. The largest populace still wallow in darkness, refusing to accept this light.

Number 3 — The Maze Runner (2014)


The Glade and Maze in this movie is much like our world. Everyday, we are exploring it. We are trying to find the truth about the earth, the oceans, the jungle and even the galaxies above, including other planets.

In the movie, there’s a faction who wouldn’t even dare, staying Gally, who had taken command. He believed the Glade was safe enough for everyone for as long as they lived peacefully inside it. The Glade is a large expanse of land surrounded by the maze.

Many dwellers of the earth have heard that this world is not our home. Some believe, while others don’t. The sad part is there are those who believe but who don’t act it. There’s no sense of urgency to align our thoughts along this path. All it takes is a mild detachment from things, while we focus on things that are long-lasting.

Number 4 — Inception (2010)

One masterpiece, otherwise known as the dream-within-dreams movie. The most melancholic part of this movie is the part where it was revealed that Cobb lived with his wife Mal for 50 years in a dream. A dream constructed from their shared memories. When Mal woke up, she still believed it was a dream, and fell to her death, ignoring the plea from her husband.

My take from Inception is simple. I believe we are all dreaming on the earth. The same way we live in this life is how our dreams are — always in the middle. Good thing, some of us have our pictures as babies, otherwise it will take faith to believe you were once one, except of course the proof from other infants that are family or live around us.

Similarly, no one knows the actual end of their lives. Our eighty-something years on the earth might really have been 8 minutes of dreaming. We should not waste it. A good starting point is knowing who you are — you are sons!

Number 5 — Lucy (2014)

There’s a thought provoking statement made by actor Morgan freeman in the movie Lucy:

We, humans are more concerned about having than being.

That is the punchline of the movie, if you ask me. The largest percentage of humanity never really come to the point of using most of their potential as humans, especially spiritual potentials.

I love how C.S. Lewis put it in one of his writings — the human is a hybrid of spirit and animal. Most exhibit more of the animal(flesh) side than their spirit part. The latter is the part that brings us to the state of being. People who know who they are won’t really die, but will live forever. Because of this knowledge, the maximise their short life on the earth.

Number 6 — Game of Thrones (2011 —Present)

What comes to your mind first when you think of the popular series, Game of Thrones? The intro song or the popular statement from Ygritte, “You know nothing?”

Game of Thrones is the scariest of my list of movies. There are many life lessons to pick from it. I will touch two of them here.

First, there are factions among the citizens of Westeros and an unending contest for the throne. This led to wars and strong enmity among the dwellers of the land. A time came towards the end of the current season when it was imperative that they united to fight a common enemy — the WhiteWalkers.

The same is true of humans. It’s amazing how we fight each other over our differences, and preferences. We fight gender, tribal, race and national battles to name a few, yet we come together when we are faced by a common enemy. Sadly, what we see as our common enemies are usually diseases, natural epidemic and climate changes.

Consider this, what if the citizens of Westeros in Game of Thrones focused on the damages caused by the WhiteWalkers. Damages like the destruction of their wall, the pestilence and diseases they bring with them, for example. That won’t change much, will it? Humans too have a common enemy — the devil.

The good thing is our own enemy has been defeated long ago by one man called Jesus. All we need to do is accept his sacrifice and accept what we are — our sonship, and this is free. Well, the only price you pay is rejecting the things you hold dear to today, giving all to him. He has promised that everything you let go will still be yours anyway.

Second lesson from Game of Thrones, is a warning still resounding. It’s been coming since the opening season.

Winter is coming!

Well, if you think that warning is only for the citizens of Westeros and Essos. Think again. It’s for our world, this earth.

Folks, winter is coming. The end of this age is approaching fast. Embrace what you are, change your outlook to life. Follow God’s son. Accept your sonship too.

If you were touched by this write-up and will like to give your life to Christ Jesus, say this prayer:

Dear God, thank you for your love for me, even when I didn’t care. Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus to die for me. Thank for your redeeming me from sin and death. Today, I accept this sacrifice. I repent from my old life and turn to you. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Teach me and show me how to live now in Jesus name. Amen.

Dear readers, feel free to add to this list of really deep movies using the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.


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