The Place Called Surrender

When a suspect gets caught in the corner of the street, surrounded by the cops, a further attempt to run might cost him dearly. At that point, he has to surrender to the authorities, with arms raised high above his head, before he is captured and taken down. Any contrary move at this time might be interpreted as something else and could be very dangerous. He is not expected to do anything else, not as much as move a foot backward or forward, he has to stay where he is.

So it is with our lives. There are moments when we’ve made costly mistakes. When we’ve done too much damage by our actions. To redeem ourselves, we find ourselves making more mistakes, telling more lies to cover up lies we’ve already told. There are times when we have good intentions too in the cause of redeeming ourselves, such as apologising for the wrong, talking about it, taking questions. Amazingly these lead too to the matter getting worse or out of hand. What do we do then about us or about our situation?

Come to the place of surrender. Come to that point where you do not do anything anymore, where you do not utter any word anymore. A place of waiting and hoping. A place where you stop to think, to understand the situation on ground and to shed some light on it. A place of surrender is the place of prayer and calling on the name of Jesus to save, to help and to deliver.

This is the place where we admit that we’ve come to the end of ourselves and are ready to begin again. When we’ve made ourselves or other created things the “god” of our lives, we are bound to come to a point of emptiness. When we’ve been lost to sin, we ask ourselves if we are ever redeemable. If God will ever want a dirt like us anymore. Sometimes too, we want to do a lot of things to redeem ourselves again — look good to people, treat them nicely. Sounds good, but you do not necessarily have to start there or do that to redeem yourself back to God. You were redeemed by His Son, Jesus when he died on the cross. That cross is the place of Surrender. It was where the Lord surrendered his life for ours.

You need to come to that place of Surrender to be redeemed, to be saved and to be delivered. There is no better way to start this new year than to begin with God.

Will you like to repent from sinning and turn back to God? Then say this prayer:

My Father in heaven, thank you for your love for me, even when I didn’t care. Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus to die for me. Thank you for redeeming me from sin and death. Today, I accept this sacrifice. I repent from my old life and turn to you. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Teach me and show me how to live now in Jesus name. Amen.

Thank you for reading.


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