#NFR1: Profiles are up and running on Nested

ested is not just about SocialFi — it incarnates it and champions the idea of DeFi for all.

True democratization is the reason why our team has put profiles on top of our priorities.

It has been in the pipes for a while, and it has finally landed.

Here’s an overview.

No profiles, no SocialFi

Let us be honest here: you cannot pretend to socialize DeFi if you do not provide the best social experience possible.

Web2 has its downfalls but what it brought to the table is the ability for users to create content and interact with each other.

This is arguably one of the most important innovations of the past internet era.

We have implemented simple but efficient profiles that enable users to benefit from a more complete Nested experience.

This new feature will give a chance to our community not only to identify those behind winning — or losing — game plans, but also to share the profiles and portfolios of those who put their reputation on the line for everyone to profit.

Bankable interactions

Our profiles are classical in appearance, except that they enable you to do something that no other social media has made possible before: making money.

What we do at Nested is unprecedented.

Yes, you can follow people and share their profiles — or portfolios — anywhere, but so can other users with you.

Nested democratizes DeFi by enabling anyone from any walk of life to earn returns on investments specifically by giving the possibility to monetize digital social interactions — namely the replication of portfolios.

If a particular profile attracts your attention because of its staggering success, you can copy its most profitable portfolios and share your new findings with friends so that they may do the same.

The profile’s owner will inevitably benefit from it since more people might copy his profile and portfolios — earning him some well-deserved royalties.

A promising V1

This new feature also gives users access to relevant data that help better evaluate those standing behind investment strategies.

Prior to profiles, one had to go portfolio after portfolio — not anymore.

Users can now see a summary of the overall performance of a profile and all the portfolios that were created by that account.

This is a good indicator to assess if the portfolio you are interested in comes from a true investor, or a lucky Joe.

Beyond the virtual walls of Nested, users can associate their Twitter accounts from which our platform will draw a profile picture and confirm their identity. Users can also activate our Telegram Bot for instant notifications.

Although this is only the first version, the feedback so far is promising and shows that our team is on the right track to revolutionize DeFi.

Stay tuned for more improvements to come soon!

Check out our short Profile feature overview:



We take the time to go over our latest releases for you to better understand them both technically and from a functional perspective

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