How journalists are beaten for their work in Russia (part 2)

Dmitriy Nesterenko
Mar 27, 2019 · 3 min read

Disclaimer. I have been studying English for almost 2 years and I don’t know all the rules of English grammar and correct spelling yet, so there are probably mistakes in my text. I’m sorry for that, but without working on my English writing skills I will not be able to speak and write in this wonderful language. Thanks for understanding!

Briefly, I remind you what happened last week with my comrades, Moscow local journalists.

On March, 20 they were beaten an robbed by employees and their CEO of the Moscow company called «Sercons» when the had been there to find out why one of the Sercons’ workers was insulted and attacked by the CEO of the company a day before. That worker, a girl, got an illegal ‘proposal’ to quit. This is a violation according to the Russian Labor Code.

Some details in part N 1 of this story are here.

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Andrey Oryol and Alex Dorogov (

What do you think happened then?

I won’t surprise you, but there was nothing to be done by the police and doctors.

The police still haven’t opened a criminal case against the attackers!

One of the sufferer, Pavel Tsybulyak, next day was at the police station and saw, how some other Sercons’ workers were delivered to the police station BY POLICE BUS!

What do you think for what?

For filing of application against the journalists.

The best protection is the attacking!

There wasn’t any support from other journalists of TV, for example.

There was some news on a couple of radio stations and non-governmental media. And that’s it.


At a hospital, guys didn’t get any standard treatment.

Alex Dorogov is still in bed, he has troubles with his back and eyes, but nevertheless, he has only painkillers injections and painkillers injections with «zelenka», standard Russian medicine from any diseases.

And it is happening at First City’s Hospital of Moscow. In the 21st century.

What about «Sercons»?

They made some video for its protection.

You can watch it here, on another YouTube channel, because that video was deleted in a couple of hours after publishing because users wrote many rude comments demanding justice and publication full broadcast from Sercons’ office cameras.

It is written that the journalists are provocateurs and allegedly 10 people went into the office.

The authors wrote that about 100 people were poisoned by pepper gas. They called the journalists and their associates as «organized group of people, which regularly does inspections and tries to provoke some people and then to get hype».

They also wrote about this incident as a provocation of competitors.


Of course, this isn’t completely true.

The main question — why they still haven’t published a full video from cameras — is still with no answer.

And it also disabled comments on its channel, because not indifferent people wrote many comments versus its version. You can see more dislikes under other videos — this is people’s reaction to injustice.

I can’t imagine how rude and indifferent we are.

Some wild people beat other people in the center of Moscow and so what?



Neither from the police nor journalists nor society.

Yes, your life costs nothing here.

So, that’s how we live here.

I don’t believe the police, to be honest.

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