How penitentiary public service is advertised in Russia

Dmitriy Nesterenko
May 16, 2019 · 2 min read
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Photo by Tom Blackout on Unsplash

A couple days ago in «Runet» appeared a video from one of the local division of Russian Penitentiary Agency (FPA) advertising job into the agency.
Watch this video attentively.
Pay attention to everything — environment, actions, a facial expression of »actors” and gestures.
It is all awesome.

Here is the translation of the song:

We all serve in Buryatia,
Our team is very friendly,
Every one of us is a man here,
An officer of FPA.
In our men’s team
There are beautiful divas.
Gender is no reason for us,
We are FPA’s officers.

It is being clearly done
Our fighting against crime.
A leader is a whimper,
We are FPA’s officers.

We serve Russia for the good,
With no receding from the oath.
The honor’s codes are united,
We are FPA’s officers.

Here are rewards and benefits,
Sanatorium therapy.
Are you ready to serve?
Hurry up, buddy, be one of us!

If somebody gets a cellphone,
We will work with it strongly,
We’ll find out a reason,
We are FPA’s officers.
If a crossbow’s arrow
Fly like a rocket,
There’s no heroin in a prison.
We are FPA’s officers.

Since 1935
We serve for people’s good.
There are no unclimbed tops,
We are FPA’s officers.
We do know specifics,
We wear our titles proudly.
It is a great power -
We are FPA’s officers.

Here are rewards and benefits,
Sanatorium therapy.
Are you ready to serve?
Hurry up, buddy, be one of us!

It is hard to estimate, because that’s the ineptly made video with no sense, with no good playing of agency employees and with kindergarten editing.
The only good thing is the video is a good mirror of the relationship between Russian authority to citizens.
As a matter of fact, human life in Russia costs nothing and any law enforcement don’t pretend to be hidden with antipathy to people.
What the hell is going on? In the 21st century to cut such moron ads with physical power? And a government official aims with a crossbow to man’s HEAD?
What the f…?
Oh yeah, you live in the 21st century in Europe and the States, but we live in the Medieval here.
The video is being checked by D.A.’s office now, but I’m sure that nobody will be punished for this.
As always.

Dmitriy Nesterenko

Russian lawyer, entrepreneur and writer.

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