5 Nutrition Innovations You Didn’t Expect to Come From Nestlé

From low-sugar chocolate to plant-based coffee creamers

Andrew Eccles
Mar 27, 2017 · 4 min read

For more than 150 years, Nestlé has been providing safe, quality nutrition across a broad range of products worldwide. Some foods are pretty obvious in how they help with nutrition — such as Lean Cuisine and Boost — but how is Nestlé applying their principal of good food, good life across products like chocolate or pet food?

Well, here are just some unexpected places you’ll find nutritional updates across the Nestlé portfolio:

1. Providing new options for specialized diets

As tastes and preferences change, Nestlé is changing too. Coffee-mate is just one brand that’s evolving ingredients without sacrificing taste, with a move to almond- and coconut-milk creamers as an alternative for those who have adopted a dairy-free or plant-based diet.

Other innovations across the Nestlé portfolio include providing GMO-free Buitoni pasta and sauce products and gluten-free options from Lean Cuisine.

2. Cutting sugar in chocolate by up to 40%… without losing its sweetness or adding substitutes

In December we announced that Nestlé scientists discovered a way to restructure sugar, using only natural ingredients, so that, even with much less sugar in our chocolate products, we can still provide a great sweet taste. The differently structured sugar dissolves faster on your tongue, meaning that you taste a similar sweetness with a lower quantity of sugar.

From 2018, the sugar will be included in chocolate confectionery products across the Nestlé portfolio, and it could be huge news for those suffering from diabetes and other dietary issues.

3. Providing nutrition to help aging dogs feel young again

Purina created a specially formulated food that would give older dogs new-found sharpness of mind. As dogs age, their brains become less able to absorb glucose — the ingredients of Purina Bright Mind, such as botanic oils, give dogs the necessary nutrition to maintain good cognition.

Other ingredients in the food also support muscles and joints, meaning that dogs not only think as quickly as when they younger, but have the energy and nimbleness to move and play with great energy, too.

4. Leading ground-breaking research in childhood diets and making it available to everyone

Our Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study (FITS) — the largest U.S. survey on young children’s eating habits — continues to reveal vital information about how young children and their parents behave when it comes to nutrition. Understanding the challenges faced by parents is the first step in improving nutrition for kids.

One discovery from the survey was that while most parents thought their child was getting enough portions of fruit and vegetables, only about 30% of pre-schoolers were meeting their ideal daily intake. This knowledge can help caretakers know which foods they need to add more of.

5. Providing diets for pioneering pilots that could revolutionize elderly nutrition

When Nestlé provided food for the pilots of Solar Impulse, the first around-the-world flight in a solar plane, we didn’t necessarily realize what we might learn about providing nutrition for the elderly. As we developed nutritionally dense foods for the pilots, it became clear that the challenges facing the pilots in-flight were similar to the nutrition challenges people face as they age.

Older people lose muscle mass and become frail due to a loss of appetite, and changes in sense of smell and taste. The Solar Impulse pilots faced the same issues in the extreme conditions of high altitude — we may be able to use what we learned to develop products for the elderly in the future.

As tastes change and new research reveals more ways to adapt or evolve our diets, Nestlé in the United States and around the world will continue efforts to improve nutritional options for everyone. Keep an eye out for all the latest news — you never know where the next great nutritional steps may be taken!


Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future in the U.S.

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Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future in the U.S.