A Summer Internship Which Launched a Young Career

Meet Arushi, a solutions analyst with a taste for Dibs ice cream

Arushi understands the power of working with a great mentor. After completing her undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering, it was a college mentor who suggested to her that she take part in a summer internship to help kick-start her career. Arushi took this advice, and among the positions she applied for was an internship with Nestlé Waters North America in Stamford.

Fortunately for Nestlé, Arushi accepted the offer to join us for the summer. She quickly learned how much she enjoys working with a team and this enjoyment is what has propelled her forward over the years from an internship in 2013 to being a project leader in 2016.

Working in a thriving office in the ever-changing field of social media, Arushi has particularly enjoyed the way new challenges emerge every day — keeping her role fresh and her team invigorated.

“Every day is a different day, and an encouragement to take the initiative to bring change in or outside the team. The people I collaborate with on a daily basis, and the way people treat each other, makes me want to come back every morning with a smile.”

Arushi has also been happy to explore everything Nestlé has to offer. While her pantry may be packed with eggs, vegetables, indian spices and green tea she’s also been exploring her favorite brands: “Lots and lots of Maggi and Nescafé. My freezer is of much interest to me because of the Dibs ice-cream in it!”

“The best way I have learned to empower others is by changing my journey from ‘I’ to ‘we’. A sense of trust is key to empowering colleagues and being a leader.”

— Arushi Vashishta, Nestlé Waters North America

Helping people to thrive is exactly the goal of Project Opportunity — a career acceleration program designed to help people of all ages gain work experience and strengthen their professional skills. It’s not just about hiring an intern for the summer, it’s about developing the existing potential in people who can make a real difference in the workforce.

Apprenticeships, internships, and readiness-for-work activities help people to understand where their strengths lie and what they want to do in their future careers.

In Arushi’s case, we’re thrilled that she discovered a place she loved here at Nestlé through the program, and that she has been inspired by her experience of Project Opportunity:

“I strongly feel that there must be programs to give anyone and everyone an opportunity to acquire the competencies required in today’s workplace, and to learn about different careers by experiencing work.”

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