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Bringing Home Baby Food: How Gerber is Delivering Right to Your Door

New Subscription Boxes Take the Hassle out of Buying Baby Food

In 2020 we’ve all come to greater appreciate the value of having a safe home base. Like people across America, I’ve spent most of this year at home. Working at home, eating at home, and buying essentials from the safety of my home as often as possible. As subscription models have risen in popularity over recent years — from wine, to socks, to cleaning products, many of us have turned to weekly or monthly installments of both treats and essentials. In 2020, the subscription model can be a lifeline.

At Nestlé Gerber, we understand how tough the pandemic has been for parents trying to balance work, play and mealtimes. That’s one of the reasons we created Gerber Organic Subscription Boxes — a monthly box delivered to your home containing cereals, purees, pouches, and snacks, curated specifically by our nutrition experts with little one’s age and development in mind.

“A lot of parents who buy Gerber foods had told us they also supplement with other subscriptions, so we wanted to bring our nutritious foods and expert tips to this new way of delivering our products.” Allison Cresswell, E-Commerce Strategist at Gerber, told me. “Making a subscription service available is another way of getting to know the parents who buy our foods and making sure we’re bringing them the best products we can and are meeting the moment to do so.”

Gerber Organic subscription boxes are also specifically designed to have a personal touch, depending on the age and stage of baby. “Gerber created the milestone system to help parents understand their baby’s developmental readiness for foods, but it’s important to recognize that every baby is unique. Our subscriptions put more control and information in the hands of parents, who answer questions about their baby to get nutritious and developmentally appropriate foods in each box.”

To help even further with this personalization, each box contains menu suggestions and feeding tips just right for that stage. The sample menus have ideas for a nutritious diet — including Gerber foods found in the box and other family foods as baby grows. “There’s also the question of flavors,” Allison told me. “Each box offers a variety of tastes and ingredients from our cereals, fruits, veggies, snacks, and more.”

[Michelle Rockwell]

It’s not just tasty USDA Certified Organic food in the box for baby (each serving is less than $1–2), there’s also information about where the food inside has come from. We understand how important that is to parents. Inside each box, parents will discover information about our Gerber Grower farms and farmers who are dedicated to growing their best possible produce for baby, and ultimately, a deeper connection to the people who grow Gerber baby food.

“Some of these family farmers have been working with us for generations, and they have amazing stories. You can really feel that connection, and the pride that their produce is going to Gerber foods and into homes across the country.”

2020 has been a year of great challenges, but at Nestlé Gerber we’re ready with new ideas to adapt to a changing world. We’re an experienced company, and we’re excited to take our expertise and spirit to do Anything for Baby to innovate and bring parents tasty, nutritious and convenient foods to help them raise healthy and happy babies. There’s much more to come in the new year, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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