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How a Foodie Finance Guy Unlocked His Creativity to Launch The Next Great Cookie

From pricing analyst to product founder — meet Peter and the “Brookie”

Feeling Engaged and Included at Work is Everything

The pandemic has made us reevaluate many aspects our of lives, including our workplace. As offices begin to reopen, many employees are deciding to make a major career shift. In fact, some studies are finding that up to 41% of the global workforce would consider leaving their current employer in the next year — it’s being called the “Great Resignation”.

Real Access to Leadership Matters

Once the Brookie had been received with excitement by my colleagues across Nestlé, it was time to bring the idea to our Executive Leadership Team. The pitch to leadership is an exciting moment for Open Channel founders. Leading up to our pitch, we don’t just present the rough idea we started with, we work with chefs and marketers to make the best version of our product and build a strong business case for the idea to move forward.

Small Innovations Lead to Big Disruption

You often hear fitness gurus talk about incremental gains. Small changes that lead to a big difference over time, so long as you’re willing to invest real energy into them. That’s how I think of the innovation that went into creating the Brookie — I didn’t set out to completely change the way Americans bake cookies, I just wanted to add a small innovation that added brownie goodness to your favorite cookie, or cookie goodness to your favorite brownie!



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