How Purina Made Fetch Happen [Again]

Purina Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+ helps older dogs like me feel young again

As an older dog, life can sometimes be a little ruff. Around age 7 I felt myself slowing down — it took me a little longer to find the stick, or to realize there was a squirrel nearby which needed my help being swiftly directed towards a tree. I still had lots of power in my legs, but my brain wasn’t quite managing to keep up.

Then my human, who other people call Lisa but who I refer to as “BARK,” decided to try out some Purina food called Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+ that was designed for dogs who are getting on in life. Lisa explained to me in her strange human language that she had noticed I wasn’t playing with her as much and that I seemed less interested in my daily antics. She said it was okay, and pretty common among dogs age 7 and older. She had just listened to some kind of sound machine called a podcast, where science humans discuss canine cognition.

But why was I acting different?

Well, it turns out around age 7 the way a dog metabolizes glucose in the brain begins to change which can affect things like learning, memory and decision making. Maybe if there was an additional energy source for my brain I could do things like catch yellow ball before that pesky collie down at the park. THAT IS MY BALL.

Sorry, what was I saying? Oh, glucose metabolism.

Science humans at Purina found that enhanced botanical oils can be used as an efficient energy source for the brain in dogs my age and that they promote alertness and mental sharpness. Now, those special oils are in my food to help give my brain the right nutrition. It’s been about 30 days since I started eating BRIGHT MIND Adult 7+. Now I am alert and I want to play and interact with Lisa again!

The nutrition in my food helps the rest of my body too. It has high quality protein including chicken as the #1 ingredient, to help keep my muscles strong. There’s also omega-3 fatty acid to help keep my joints healthy, and vitamin A, which makes my coat so shiny that I’m all anyone’s woofing about.

Thanks to Bright Mind Adult 7+, I’m thinking more like I did when I was younger. I join my family on adventures and get my fur wet. Being an older dog didn’t have to mean slowing down or enjoying life less; breakthroughs in nutrition are helping make foods for dogs of different life stages and lifestyles.

The right nutrition helps us dogs put our best paw forward!