Meet Diane Herndon: The Woman Partnering to Make Your Petfood More Sustainable

One of the Faces of Nestlé driving a positive impact on individuals & families, communities, and our planet

Diane Herndon
May 22, 2017 · 3 min read
Sharing the Creating Shared Value story at Sustainable Brands — stop by the Nestlé booth this week to join in!

We live in a time of unprecedented environmental changes. As a company, if we are to continue to successfully grow into the future, we must ensure we use natural resources wisely, and work with partners to find solutions that are good for our business, for the environment and for society.

Volunteering on PetCare Pride Day in St. Louis

I work with experts from across the company to analyze the environmental impact of our products. A life cycle assessment of Nestlé Purina U.S. showed that our biggest environmental impact happens before the ingredients even reach our factories. Since we don’t own the farms or fisheries where our quality ingredients are grown or raised, we partner with growers and organizations along the supply chain to address challenges together.

Visiting one of our grain suppliers to support their responsible sourcing

For example, we worked on a wetland restoration project along the Wabash River basin in Indiana and Illinois, an area where we source corn for our petcare business. Led by The Nature Conservancy and in partnership with area corn farmers, government agricultural partners, and others, this project seeks to improve water quality and ecological health by installing wetlands and woodlands at key junctures along the river. This will slow the flow of part of the lower Wabash River to allow nutrients and sediment to settle out before the water reaches the Mississippi River.

Building on that successful project, we are now looking at a broader partnership in the US Midwest that will address healthy farmland at a systems level. Just this week, we’ve announced a new $1 million commitment to The Nature Conservancy’s reThink Soil initiative, a national, collaborative effort to help farmers improve soil health on croplands across the United States.

As we grow our partnerships and investments to improve the production of food for people and pets, I’m proud to work with leaders inside and outside of the company to create shared value for our communities and our planet.

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