Meet Jenna Cope: Helping Infants & Toddlers Start Life Healthy

One of the Faces of Nestlé driving a positive impact on individuals & families, communities, and our planet

Jenna Cope, RD
Jun 7, 2017 · 3 min read

Jenna Cope is a Nutrition, Health, & Wellness Champion for Gerber.

As a Registered Dietitian, now completing a Master’s Degree in Public Health, I was drawn to some of the continuous work Nestlé does towards advancing and utilizing science-based nutrition and research to drive solutions. It is exciting work, because we are able to share our knowledge with consumers, healthcare providers, community groups and scientific groups — to name a few.

This graduation ceremony recognized graduates of the Early Childhood Nutrition Program in Newark
Here, I’m on the left celebrating with the graduates!

In my role in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, I try to help improve the health of consumers and communities through wholesome and nutritious products, engaging education, meaningful communication and cross-sector partnerships. This work has been extremely rewarding, especially programs like our Early Childhood Nutrition Program with the local community in Newark, New Jersey.

Our local community partnerships are informed by research from Nestlé’s FITS (Feeding Infants and Toddlers) study, which helps us understand the eating patterns, nutritional intakes, and gaps in diets of young children ages 0–4. Through our collaborations, Gerber provides education that has been informed by our research, to parents and caregivers that helps them raise happy and healthy babies.

My favorite part of my job is the community component. It has been remarkable to see what happens when partners come together to make an exponentially bigger impact on a shared goal: improving the lives of infants and children. That has been my biggest “a-ha” moment. Through our community programs and partnerships, I found my passion and am proud of what we have been able to accomplish.

Gathering my Gerber colleagues to decorate baby outfits to donate

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