Meet Laurence Vernerey: Bringing Better Nutrition to Your Restaurant Meals

One of the Faces of Nestlé driving a positive impact on individuals & families, communities, and our planet

Laurence Vernerey is the ‎Nutrition, Health and Wellness Manager for Nestlé Professional. Nestlé Professional North America offers culinary and beverage products and solutions for restaurants and food service providers across the US and Canada.

As the Nutrition, Health and Wellness manager for Nestlé Professional North America, my role consists of leading, guiding and inspiring nutrition and health in everything that we do: from the products we develop to the communication and the support we provide to the restaurants we work with.

I work closely with marketing, product development teams and chefs so that we ensure the continuous nutritional improvement of our recipes, as well as the simplification of our ingredients lists and the increase of sustainable sourcing.

I’ve been working at Nestlé for 11 years and it has been fascinating to be part of the fast-moving food service industry.

More and more people are eating meals outside their homes — close to 60% of people in the US eat out at least once a week. Restaurant diners expect great tasting food and beverages, plus, they often want healthy options too! Nestlé Professional has access to scientific innovation in nutrition and we know that offers us the chance to make a difference. We take that responsibility seriously, and partner with restaurants to constantly improve flavors, dishes, and healthy choices on menus to keep consumers coming back for delicious meals. I have no doubt that our talented chefs will continue to create great tasting, inspiring recipes that bring nutrition to reality.

One of my favorite moments at Nestlé was the International Chefs Day last year. We organized a celebration at a local Cleveland chapter of the Boys & Girls Club of America. We had the chance spend the day with kids, hosting a fun and interactive afternoon where the kids learned how to become a chef, the importance of good nutrition and how to make a balanced plate. We even let them play with their food, completing an “Art on the Plate” masterpiece using colorful fruits and vegetables. I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling than sharing our culinary and nutrition passion with children!

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