Meet Stacey Webb: Bringing You Coffee Goodness from Field to Cup

One of the Faces of Nestlé driving a positive impact on individuals & families, communities, and our planet

Stacey Webb is a Marketing Manager for Nescafé Taster’s Choice.

As a manager in the coffee business, I have the great opportunity to highlight what Nestlé is doing with the Nescafé plan globally, and how we are leading with purpose in responsible coffee sourcing.

A coffee farmer harvests ripened coffee cherries. (Joaquin Sarmiento/AP Images for Nestlé Nescafé Taster’s Choice)

My favorite memory is my recent trip to Colombia to visit two coffee farms. I was so impressed to see the impact Nestlé is making on farmer’s lives and the local community in Colombia first-hand. In Colombia we met Luz, who is a sixth generation farmer. Many Colombians say coffee is not a profitable job and younger generations don’t want to take over farms, but Luz and her brother did. When she and her brother took over the farm, their coffee trees were dying from rust. Nestlé worked with the family to overhaul the farm and plant a new disease-resistant Castillo variety of coffee plant.

This was a pivotal time for Luz and her family; they could have lost their farm. Nestlé came just in time. We helped her and her family’s farm thrive, grow high-quality coffee and get paid a fair price. With every farmer we met on our journey, we learned that this has so often been the case. Nestlé has helped over 175,000 farmers in 15 coffee producing countries around the world — providing business and agricultural training to farmers to increase their incomes, yield, and quality of bean, as well as providing disease-resistant plantlets. Luz and her family are a constant reminder to me that what we do really can help improve and impact the lives of those on the ground and in the fields; it inspires me daily.

Here I am spending the day with Luz (left) and Jorge Garces (right) on their family coffee farms to see where Nescafé begins