Nestlé ’s Ambitions Around the World

Our team just released their new global ambitions & commitments- here’s the bite-sized version

Liz Caselli-Mechael
Mar 7, 2017 · 3 min read

What can you do in a decade? In the past ten years, Nestlé has delivered 207 billion servings of micronutrient fortified products like Maggi bouillon cubes to individuals and families worldwide. Today, Nestlé released Nestlé in society: Creating Shared Value and meeting our commitments 2016, which looks back at ten years of achievements, reports on our progress towards commitments in 2016, and sets three major ambitions.

Our 2030 Ambitions:

Help 50 million children lead healthier lives

Improve 30 million livelihoods in communities connected to our business activities

Strive for zero environmental impact in our operations

If you’re not quite ready to nerd out with the 50-page summary report, here’s a quick snapshot:

Help 50 million children lead healthier lives

We feel honored to have our foods and drinks on so many kitchen tables around the world every day, and we take the responsibility for continuous improvement seriously. In 2016, we renovated 8,856 products for health and nutrition considerations —that’s 10% more than in 2015 — and included favorites like DiGiorno and Outshine. Outshine increased real fruit content by 77% and reduced sugar by 11% in our top eight Outshine Fruit Bars. At the same time, Nestlé products in other countries are helping to fight micronutrient malnutrition by fortifying with needed vitamins like iodine, zinc, and vitamin A.

Improve 30 million livelihoods in communities connected to our business activities

From our farms to our production facilities to our customers, we’re committed to making every community we work in a better place to live. In the US, our initiatives like Project Opportunity and #Nestle150for150 do this by creating new and better career opportunities across the country and volunteering at hundreds of food banks, schools, and pet shelters. Beyond the U.S., the path that your chocolate bar takes can support livelihoods too. In 2016, we delivered a total of 2.2 million new cocoa plants and trained 57,000 farmers through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan to improve the environmental impact of cocoa farming while raising farmer incomes and supporting education:

Strive for zero environmental impact in our operations

From our climate to our soil, we know that producing food sustainably is going to be critical to continue to serve future generations. In 2016, we saved over 430,000 tons of carbon dioxide by minimizing the use of packaging alone (like in these cool chocolate bars). That’s the equivalent of taking almost 100,000 cars off the road every year. We’ve also reduced direct greenhouse gas emissions globally per ton of product by 39% over the last ten years.

Find out more about our work in the global summary report and stay tuned for the Nestlé in the U.S. Creating Shared Value report in May.


Enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier…

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