3 Things Job Candidates Should Know About Nestlé

One of our recruiters provides an inside look at how Nestlé identifies and hires the best talent out there

Thinking about applying for a job at Nestlé? You should.

We’re constantly looking for insightful, adaptable, and collaborative people to join our team as we build a new Nestlé, laser-focused on meeting consumers’ changing tastes.

If you’re considering applying or have an interview soon, keep these three tidbits top of mind as you get to know Nestlé:

1) Have an unconventional background? Focus on transferable skills.

There’s no one way to be a great candidate -we regularly hire people who may not have a background in food and beverage. I once recruited and hired a teacher to join Nestlé, who has become a real asset to our team, and we’ve also had recent employees coming from nonprofit organizations. In each case, the candidate was great at identifying transferable skills that would make her experience valuable at Nestlé, even if her last role had been very different in scope or environment.

One of Nestlé’s strengths is our diverse workforce. Our employees have a wide variety of skills and experience, which helps them develop creative solutions to business challenges.

2) We’re innovating the way we do everything.

As our Chief Strategy Officer Rui Barbas says, “Today, innovation is everyone’s job.” That’s not just a slogan; it’s a way of life at Nestlé.

We’re developing new products, such as Coffee-mate natural bliss Cold Brew, and updating old favorites by adding new flavors and varieties.

Innovation also extends beyond product development. We’re working to update and modernize our internal processes, with a major emphasis on insight-driven decisions. In recruiting, for example, we examined feedback from both candidates and hiring managers, and now we’re streamlining the job application process to make it faster.

3) We want you to join the conversation.

A manager at Nestlé once told me “Don’t be afraid to speak up.” It’s the most helpful piece of feedback I’ve ever received, and my manager really meant it. At Nestlé, we want everyone to show courage and speak up to make things better for our employees and our consumers.

We want to win in the marketplace, and we know that’s only possible if everyone joins the conversation. We need all ideas on the table, or the best ones would never be heard. This is a place where everyone — not just senior leadership — can make a meaningful impact on a huge scale.

We need all ideas on the table, or the best ones would never be heard.

If this sounds like an environment where you could thrive and grow, check out our job listings and join our talent community. If you have questions about life at Nestlé or you’re wondering what position is the right fit, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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