Of 25 Million Pet Adoptions, I’m Just One

Watch the video & share your own #MetOnPetfinder Story

On its 20th anniversary, Petfinder is asking people across the country to join the celebration and its effort to donate $200,000 to the Petfinder Foundation, which will award grants to 20 shelters and rescue members. To make this donation possible, Petfinder is asking animal lovers to watch its #MetOnPetfinder anniversary video and generate one million views by Oct. 24 . The video tells the story of how adopted pets have transformed the lives of their owners.

As part of the celebration Petfinder families, advocates, members and fans are also encouraged to share their Petfinder adoption stories on social media by using the hashtag #MetOnPetfinder. Here are three of my favorites (and one of my own!)

Meet Devon & Rosie

Home: Windham, CT

Special Skills: Rosie is Reading Education Assistance Dog [R.E.A.D.] and visits early childhood centers and local libraries where children read to her. Her volunteer work doesn’t end there. During exam week at the University of Connecticut, Rosie hangs out at the University library, helping students de-stress as they study.

Meet Alison & Zoe

Home: New York

Advice: Zoe spent her first day in her new home hiding under the bed, and slowly transformed into the playful companion she is today. “If you see a pet at a shelter or rescue organization, they might look scared, but you shouldn’t be discouraged,” Alison says. “Their hearts will warm up and change after they’re given some consistency and love.”

Meet Julie & Middy

Favorite pastime: She loves to sit with Julie and her husband on their screened porch, where she assumes the job of squirrel patrol. “She chases them out of our yard and my garden,” Julie says.

Meet Me & Mosi

Home: Washington DC

Favorite place: Mosi loves to go on a run down to the capital building and visit all the ducks.

Mosi joined my family about 6 months ago, and has been keeping us on our toes ever since. She’s our own #MetOnPetfinder story, but I’m just one of millions of adoptive pet-parents. Share your own story, watch the video, and take a look at the 296,156 adoptable pets on Petfinder right now.

About Petfinder

Petfinder is a leading online resource for pet adoption, education, awareness and advocacy. It strives to promote the advantage of adopting pets and make it easy to connect people with adoptable pets. Petfinder’s searchable online database of animals that need homes is updated daily and includes a directory of nearly 13,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Petfinder also includes a library of free pet-care articles to help keep pets in their homes. Since 1996, Petfinder has helped more than 25 million pets find forever homes. Petfinder joined the Nestlé Purina family in 2013. Read the #MetOnPetfinder Press Release

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