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Tackling Hunger and Supporting our Communities is All About Coming Together

5,000 Nestlé Employees, 28 States, One Day of Service

#NestleInTheNeighborhood 2019

Where We Volunteered

Kim, Arlington VA: My day was packed — in the morning I was with Capitol Area Food Bank, and our aim was to pack 1866 food bags for local families who can’t afford to eat. We exceeded that goal, and packed more than 2000, which the Food Bank said they didn’t expect us to be able to do! In the afternoon I was with Operation Gratitude, writing letters to actively deployed troops and veterans, as well as creating “Battalion Buddies” — stuffed bears for children of deployed service people, who act as companions while their parent is away.

Nicola taking part in some competitive food packing at Food Lifeline in Seattle, WA

A Different Kind of Work

Nicola: Our activity was actually very competitive! There were 150 of us split into morning and afternoon teams — the challenge was to pack as much food as possible in our allotted times, and they really brought out the Nestlé Coffee Partners competitive spirit to see which team could pack the most. We got so into our challenge that we actually broke the record for most frozen carrots packed in a day!

Malory (left) weeding the grounds at Santa’s Hide-A-Way Hollow near Solon, Ohio

Bringing Teams Together

Malory: It’s amazing how doing something new can help you branch out and get to know your colleagues better. Some of the people volunteering alongside me were actually folks who usually work remotely, but had traveled in to take part, so it was a great bonding experience for all of us to get that time together. I even spent some time talking to Santa and I couldn’t believe it when I found out he used to work for Stouffer’s! I’ve always thought of our mac and cheese as a special gift.

Kim volunteering for Operation Gratitude alongside her colleagues in Arlington, VA

Real, Personal Impact

Malory: This was my fourth time volunteering with Nestlé, and community work has always been part of my life. I came into the company through the Diversity Leadership Symposium, which allowed me to volunteer as part of the day from the outset, and seeing this company wide dedication to community is what made me want to join in the first place. I see it with students thinking about their careers too — as a campus recruiter, students tell you that this kind of event is why they’re interested in Nestlé. It’s personally meaningful.



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