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Aug 16 · 6 min read

Nestree Messenger

Nestree is an incentivized community messenger that is based on blockchain. It accommodates various beneficial features that enhance users’ experiences between all members, admins, and advertisers.

A month ago, we’ve introduced the Community Features of the Nestree Messenger. The three features included the notification settings, admins’ exclusive chat, and the multi-notice board.

We’re here to introduce another incredible feature to our Nestree users!

Filter Spams Function

Having a filter function for your Channel gives solutions to protect the community from spams and any unwanted content. Community managers and admins can rest assured that the Channel and its members won’t be bombarded with spams. Here are the filtering options that Nestree has provided for our beloved users!

Where is the Filter Spams Function on Nestree?

  1. Go to your Channel
  2. Click the top right corner to open up your sidebar.
  3. Click the Filter Spams, which is fifth on the list.
    (This function will be shown as ON or OFF if it’s used or not).

Note that only the community managers and admins can access and set the filtering function, not the members. Though, all users can see if the filter is either on or off.

What features are in Filter Spams function?

Feature #1 | Filter Hyperlinks

Nestree has developed to provide our community managers and admins the handy option to filter out any hyperlinks from their Channel. There are four selections from this setting, so let’s find out what they do for each one.

- Once you select this, a pop-up box will appear at the bottom of the page.
- Input any hyperlinks you want to block from your Channel.
- We recommend admins to input subdomains.
e.g. (google.com) than inputting the full domains, e.g. (www.google.com or https://www.google.com).

- Once you select this, a pop-up box will also appear at the bottom.
- Input any hyperlinks that can be shown on your Channel but will block any other possible domains.
- We also recommend admins to input subdomains on here as well.

Please, note that once the Filter Hyperlinks setting is turned on, the invitation links will be blocked as well, regardless the separate setting is turned off.

Make sure to click save after any new changes you have made before exiting.

Feature #2 | Filter Keywords

Most community managers and admins will agree that certain words should not be used in the Channels. Certain words could be inappropriate, inconsiderate, and harmful that the community finds them uncomfortable and insulting. Therefore, Nestree is providing a function for admins to filter out any unwanted keywords from their Channel.

Steps to Filter Keywords

  1. Go to Filter Spams page.
  2. Select Filter Keywords, that is second on the list.
  3. Input a specific keyword to filter.
  4. Click Add Keywords to keep adding more keywords to block.
    (Note: input one keyword at a time)

Overview of Filter Spams Function

Feature #3 | Filter Invitation Links

Nestree Messenger provides a modern compensation feature that offers project community managers and admins to reward their members in a variety of ways. One of the ways is to reward its members who have referred to their friends and others. You can check this article for more information.

Furthermore, Nestree features a DISCOVER tab where users can view a list of all Channels in one place. If a lot of Channels have a rewarding system in place, members could potentially share their invitation links to other Channels. To prevent them from continuously sharing their links, Nestree has created a filter for this. You can find this filtering option third on the list of the Filter Spams page. Refer to the overview picture.

Feature #4 | Filter ETH Addresses

There are always some spammers sharing their ETH addresses to communities regardless of what their intentions are. To prevent this from happening, Nestree has provided an option to recognize ETH addresses and filter them out of the Channel completely. Refer to the overview picture.

Feature #5 | Filter Endless Spamming

This filter is useful because it stops users from spamming endless repetition of messages and disrupting the whole community.
Click this filter that is fifth on the list to keep your Channel free from unnecessary messages from spammers.

Feature #6 | Block Spammers

This filter is much needed for community managers and admins. Usually, all Channels have rules and preferences that are different from another. However, most admins would agree that they do not want spams in their Channels, period. Once you click on this filter, spammers that have been kicked out from other Channels won’t be able to access to yours. You can relax and not worry about spammers coming to your Channel!

Feature #7 | Filter only on NESTREE

You probably know by now that Nestree Messenger can be synced with Telegram. This integration feature allows users of the Telegram group and Nestree Channel to connect and engage with each other simultaneously.
Click here for more information.

The developers at Nestree has added a filter function for community managers and admins to either filter certain functions on both messengers or just on Nestree. If admins select the Filter only on NESTREE function, the filters that have been set will only apply on the Nestree app and not for the Telegram group. More options the better, right?

Smart Delete Message Function

Another way to filter out message is the Smart Delete Message function.
You can press-and-hold the specific message to delete them in the Channel.

Steps to Filter Messages

  1. Press-and-hold the message that you want to Delete.
  2. Choose from four options on what to filter the message of the user.
  3. Select Confirm after making any changes.


Nestree Messenger is committed to enhancing users’ experience and community growth for all Channels. Take advantages of all the interactive, compensation features, and functions that Nestree offers!

Follow this guide to learn how to use the filtering systems for your Channel.
If you have any questions, contact us on our Official Nestree Channel, both on Nestree and Telegram group, or email us at social@nestree.io

We have more exciting news and updates to share with you, so stay tuned!

About Nestree

Nestree is a ground-breaking community platform with a dynamic rewarding system and business incubation. The Nestree Messenger is an advanced, reward-based blockchain integrated messenger. Catered towards community growth and beyond as a messenger, the Nestree messenger adopts the trustless and borderless nature of cryptocurrency to enrich the ecosystem with the reward. Nestree provides one of the most optimal gateways for non-crypto users to encounter and earn cryptocurrency without the knowledge of trading, KYC requirement, private key management, etc.

Our mission is to serve as a worldwide community platform based on the philosophy of reward and sharing of blockchain. We strive to create a specialized platform for an interactive ecosystem where business and community co-exist and benefits each other regardless of location or demographics.

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Advanced, Reward-based Blockchain Integrated Messenger for New Economy. Available on Android/iOS. Join us: https://t.me/nestree


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Advanced, Reward-based Blockchain Integrated Messenger for New Economy. Available on Android/iOS. Join Telegram: https://t.me/nestree_en



Advanced, Reward-based Blockchain Integrated Messenger for New Economy. Available on Android/iOS. Join us: https://t.me/nestree

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