Introducing Nestree Hatching

Signifying a Major Turning Point for Nestree Messenger

Sep 24, 2019 · 6 min read

Nestree Hatching

This signifies a huge update indicating a major turning point for Nestree Messenger. Currently, there are more than 100,000 users from the cryptocurrency industry are using the Nestree Messenger based on blockchain, and the number of users is increasing rapidly every single day. Nestree has a mission to continuously provide beneficial incentivizing features that are necessary for all users in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

Nestree is available on both and and can earn digital assets, EGG, for engaging in conversations, inviting others, taking part in quizzes, watching ads, and so much more.

We have previously explained how to get Invitation Rewards in the Nestree Channels. After you join , you can invite friends to earn free EGG tokens as well as for your friend who has joined the channel with your invitation link. Please click on the link below for more details.

In this article, you will learn about new exciting developments that have been added, such as Nestree Power and Nestree Power Levels in the messenger. These added features allow users to have more ways to earn free EGG tokens for their contribution using the Nestree Messenger.

Development #1: Nestree Power

The newest system, Nestree Power, also known as NP for short, was recently added to the messenger. The system records all the power obtained from users contributing to the messenger while boosting their Nestree profile to earn more EGG tokens.

Development #2: Nestree Power Levels

Depending on how much the users have accumulated Nestree Power into the system, users will be placed in five different levels and earn honorable medals that include none to diamond status.

Pop-up info message is located on Nestree Power tab on the app

How to Increase your Nestree Power

Nestree users should look for NP logos (an acronym for Nestree Power) throughout the messenger. After clicking the logo, various tasks will be available for users to complete them and boost their Nestree Power to convert them to actual EGG tokens.

The more power you have, the more rewards you earn.

As of now, there are two ways users can strengthen their Nestree Power. The first reward feature is called AD Power, which allows users to earn rewards for viewing and completing tasks with the optional ads provided by the advertiser in the Nestree Messenger. The second reward feature is called EGG Power, where users with the most EGG tokens in their wallet will be rewarded with more Nestree Power. Please keep reading this article to find out more.

1. AD Power

The first option is through users viewing optional ads and get rewarded for their contribution. This feature reward is called the AD Power. Users can exchange AD Power earnings for actual EGG tokens, considering the exchange rate for EGG depended upon the listing.

Where is the AD Power feature on Nestree?

STEP 1. Go to the DISCOVER tab
Click the NP logo (an acronym for Nestree Power), where it is located on the 2nd from the top right corner of the tab.

STEP 2. Select an AD to complete an action
The tasks assigned varies from watching a video, downloading an app, answering quizzes, and much more. The amount of Nestree Power varies for each task so users can select whichever one they prefer.

Please note that Nestree is simply a platform for users to access the advertisements that were provided by the advertiser. Nestree does not hold any responsibility to the actual ads. Nestree users can participate in the advertisement tasks and get rewarded for the contribution. Also please give time for the AD Power to be reflected on to your Nestree Power profile.

2. EGG Power

The second reward feature is rewarding users who stake EGG tokens in their wallets on the Nestree Messenger. The more the user has EGG in their wallets, the stronger their Nestree Power will get. There will be more updates about this feature so stay connected with our official Nestree channels on both the messenger app and Telegram group.

In addition, more incentivizing ways on increasing their Nestree Power will be featured on Nestree and at the moment, the developers are developing to allow users to trade and make transactions with other tokens, other than Ethereum, so please lookout for this too!

The Effect of Nestree Power to the EGG Ecosystem

Nestree users who have earned AD Power through watching ads can convert their earnings for actual EGG tokens. The more the users choose to participate and earn AD Power, and then choose to convert to EGG tokens, Nestree will buyback more than the equivalent amount of those EGG tokens from the listed exchanges ( and ), considering the exchange rate, to reward the participants. Therefore, the more the users watch ads and earn AD Power, the more buyback of EGG tokens on the exchange will occur, and therefore the increase in Nestree (EGG) value in the market. Ultimately, resulting in a successful EGG Ecosystem.


Nestree is an incentivized community messenger based on blockchain.

The new incentivized system, Nestree Power, ensures to view optional ads and other ways to get rewarded for their involvement and time. Follow the steps above to learn how to participate and get free EGG!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Official Nestree Channel, either on Nestree and Telegram, or by emailing us at

Stay tuned as we have more updates to share with you!

About Nestree

Nestree is a ground-breaking community platform with a dynamic rewarding system and business incubation. The Nestree Messenger is an advanced, reward-based blockchain integrated messenger. Catered towards community growth and beyond as a messenger, the Nestree Messenger adopts the trustless and borderless nature of cryptocurrency to enrich the ecosystem with the reward. Nestree provides one of the most optimal gateways for non-crypto users to encounter and earn cryptocurrency without the knowledge of trading, KYC requirements, private key management, etc.

Our mission is to serve as a worldwide community platform based on the philosophy of reward and sharing of blockchain. We strive to create a specialized platform for an interactive ecosystem where business and community co-exist and benefit each other regardless of location or demographics.

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Advanced, Reward-based Blockchain Integrated Messenger for New Economy. Available on Android/iOS. Join us:

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