Advanced, Reward-Based Blockchain Integrated Messenger for New Economy

Jun 19 · 5 min read

The Evolution of Messaging

In the past, a mobile messenger was a simple means of communication, but now it has evolved into a platform service with various features. Users across the world use messengers not only to communicate with their contacts, but also to utilize various services including community groups, online shopping, news, and payments.

Scalable Community Chat

Due to the rise of chat-based communities, group chats such as Super Groups and Channels of Telegram and Open Chat of KakaoTalk show the possibility of scalable group chats in messengers. However, these platforms face the following problems in operating a mass group chat.

1. Hard to catch important message — miss important message due to too many notifications

2. Difficult to gather people — requires high budget to bring new users to the group.

3. Lack of Business Model — Limited monetization method despite opportunity.

Introducing Nestree

Nestree is an advanced, reward-based blockchain integrated messenger for a new economy. By utilizing cryptocurrency, the Nestree Platform offers new types of interactive and rewarding activities between the User, Admin, and Advertiser.

I. Discover Communities

Users can easily find community channels they are interested in, and channel operators can easily provide various information to the users so that they can participate in the channel.

II. Participate to Earn Rewards

Channel provides various rewards that users can receive through participation. Contributions to the channel can be made by inviting friends, watching advertisements, providing content, etc.
There are infinite rewards that can be claimed within the platform.

With built-in cryptocurrency wallet integration, Nestree directly benefits all four of the following: ① content consumers, ② content producers, ③ channel operators, and ④ advertisers. Let’s look at the benefits that each entity can enjoy.

III. Decentralized Wallet

You can trade Crypto Currency peer to peer without using an exchange platform. Of course, you can store, send, and receive cryptocurrency. Truly decentralized.

In order for a community to gain size, people must be gathered in the community first of all. The best way to gather people is to reward those who invite others to the community. The main feature of Nestree, ‘Invitation Rewards’, is to provide rewards with cryptocurrencies to members who invite new users to a community. A community admin who wants to activate a community chat can use an ‘Invitation Reward’ to induce members in a community to voluntarily invite other people. As a marketing tool that allows the community to grow rapidly, it will result in a rapid increase in members of the community.

In addition, if the number of members in a community chat exceeds a certain number, advertisements can be posted in the community chat, and the fee from ads is distributed to the members as rewards. The community admin can make money from the community chat simply by gathering community participants, and the participants can make profits by viewing ads in the community. Even community chat without a clear business model can, therefore, be monetized instantly through advertisement rewards.

Decentralized Wallet on the Nestree Messenger

Nestree users can trade coins/tokens with an encrypted cryptocurrency wallet. Transactions are initiated by proposing transactions by setting the ratio of the cryptographic currency that the user wants to sell to the cryptographic currency they are thinking about. Once the other party’s approval for the requested transaction is made, transactions are carried out on the blockchain.

Smart Contract is implemented to the wallet of Nestree, and it’s a safe trading system that returns the passwords that have been requested to the transaction to the existing wallet if the transaction fails due to a lockup or any other reason. Users can trade with confidence without risking a transaction failure. P2P transactions that are inconvenient to trade on exchanges. Suitable for trading.

P2P Trading and Send & Receive Token



  • Q1 — Team building, Product Concept & Design
  • Q3 — Nestree Messenger Product Development
  • Q4 — Mobile App Closed Beta (Android/iOS)


  • Q1 — Mobile App Open Beta (Android/iOS)
  • Q2 — IEO & Listing, Community Operation, Marketing & Promotion
  • Q3 — AD Share Platform, Notification Filtering, Discover Tap, Transaction Performance Upgrade
  • Q4 — Chat Reward & Subscription Model


  • Q1 — Nestere Desktop (Windows/Mac), Nestree Developer API
  • Q2 — Developers Conference & Hackathon, Third Party Application Support

About Nestree

Nestree is a ground-breaking community platform with a dynamic rewarding system and business incubation. The Nestree Messenger is an advanced, reward-based blockchain integrated messenger. Catered toward the community growth and beyond as a messenger, the Nestree messenger adopts the trustless and borderless nature of cryptocurrency to enrich the ecosystem with the reward. Nestree provides one of the most optimal gateways for non-crypto users to encounter and earn cryptocurrency without the knowledge of trading, KYC requirement, private key management, etc.

Our mission is to serve as a worldwide community platform based on the philosophy of reward and sharing of blockchain. We strive to create a specialized platform for an interactive ecosystem where business and community co-exist and benefits each other regardless of location or demographics.

Nestree for iPhone / iPad

Nestree for Android

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Advanced, Reward-based Blockchain Integrated Messenger for New Economy. Available on Android/iOS. Join us:


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Advanced, Reward-based Blockchain Integrated Messenger for New Economy. Available on Android/iOS. Join Telegram:



Advanced, Reward-based Blockchain Integrated Messenger for New Economy. Available on Android/iOS. Join us:

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