The web industry knows no borders

Photo taken by Denis Bocquet:

Over the last months I’ve had the privilege of travelling within Europe, to the US and Australia, with Generate Bangalore to follow on 2 December. One thing has become clear on these trips: our industry knows no borders. Of course it doesn’t — digital design and development is truly global. A lot of people work remotely these days and might not even have met their colleagues, who are often in different timezones. From Slack to Skype, we now have the tools to make this easy.

Nothing quite compares to a meeting in person, however, and there’s something quite wonderful about peers coming together in a room, networking and sharing tips and techniques. Let’s hope that the current political climate, in particular in the UK and US, won’t make this too painful. Wouldn’t it be a shame if a UK-based conference, for example, only had UK speakers and a UK audience? No one wants this. Let’s use our voice to make that known.

In the meantime, enjoy another global issue with contributions from India, the US and Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore and more. Many of our writers were not born in the country they live in either, myself included, and that’s rather amazing.

See you around!

This article originally appeared in issue 286 (November 2016) of net magazine.