Reflecting on the Reflection — Analysis Blog Post

What’s missing from our production journey description is our documentation of the actual video production. We explained the app (Hyperspektiv) and how we would use it but failed to document what we actually did. Tanya chose a video subject (a location to walk through to emulate the movement in the Beeple video we chose for our case study), and then chose a distorting filter that fit the most and recorded with the Hyperspektiv app. She will then import the video into an editing program, mute the clip’s original audio, and dub royalty-free music over the top.

Our writing could be a lot more critical but as these blog posts are just to help us tease out ideas and propositions, we will ensure that our essay writing is a lot more critical. To ensure this, we will refer to academic sources and course material relevant to our online video practice and case study.

While our evaluation blog post talks about the online video practice we chose and our case study, it fails to explicitly put an idea forward that we could explore in our essay. As the evaluation blog post explores and discusses the benefits of using Instagram as a platform to share creative works, we could talk about what we’ve learned about authoring, publishing, and distributing online video through our case study. While this part of the writing should reveal our groups’ voice and ideas, we would still need to support our ideas and arguments with academic evidence and theory.

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