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Growth Stories — Kay Pengelly

Growth Story

Job Title:
Senior Product Manager

Short Bio:
I have nearly a decade of experience managing customer-centric campaigns, with four years’ worth of Product Management experience and a strong emphasis on data analysis.

Growing up speaking Japanese and English at home, I developed a love for learning languages which lead me to study Spanish and French at university. A few years ago, a close friend recommended that I pick up coding as he noticed the parallels in spoken vs. programming languages. This developed a love for tech, and as a Product Manager I can combine my passion for communicating and innovating!

Hobby/Fun Fact about yourself:
In my spare time, I’m reading, teaching myself to code or learning acrobatics! My goal this year is to get a good handstand.

Personal Growth Story:
The growth story that I’m most proud of is the journey that I’ve gone through in the past three years to address my mental health. While we’ve collectively taken big steps in the right direction to destigmatize people who are struggling mentally, it’s a whole different (and daunting) story to admit when you need professional help.

The process of admitting that I needed help, addressing the root causes of my depression, and understanding that I wasn’t “broken” for going to therapy has been a tough journey, but without a doubt one of the most rewarding ones of my life so far. I’m now a passionate advocate for mental health, and I hope that sharing my story will help others understand that vulnerability isn’t a weakness.

Your Next Growth Target:
My next growth target is about helping others grow! Now that I’m a few years into my career, I’m hoping to take my learnings and support newcomers, from a company perspective and an industry perspective. I’m lucky enough to be in a position where I can help create a culture that aligns with the kind of workplace I would like to be welcomed into.

Your Role Model:
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! There are so many reasons why. She’s the youngest woman to enter Congress in the US, her policies are based on common sense, community, and empathy, she’s built up a platform powered by her authenticity and understanding of younger generations, and she has a razor-sharp wit. It’s insane to believe that she’s only a few years older than me.

What would you say to yourself 5 or 10 years ago?:
While achieving goals and self-improvement are important and keep you motivated, the most important thing to remember is to live by the values that most matter to you — compassion, empathy, and curiosity.

Also… never date a magician.

The book you plan to read or are currently reading
Game Changers: What Leaders, Innovators, and Mavericks Do to Win at Life — Dave Asprey

1–3 books, podcasts, or pieces of content that you’d recommend to anyone:

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Originally published at on March 14, 2021.



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