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How to participate in the robot and use airdrop in netcoincapital.

To get more tokens, read the revenue model section in White Paper

To participate in netcoincapital startup, you first need to find an active link, which we have included two active links by default.
Link 1 & Link2

After preparing the link, you must first register with an active email because your NCC code, which is your username, will be sent to this email. After receiving the link with the password of your choice, enter the site from the login section. On the left side of the image, select the Deposit and Withdraw option from the monetary section.

The minimum participation amount for this startup is $ 50 and the maximum is $ 500. Enter the desired amount of participation and then make the payment through Atrium. Upon successful payment, the amount will be added to your current budget.

Now, to benefit from the robot’s capabilities, as well as to participate in Airdrop, you must transfer your capital to the robot from the left column and the order section, so that the trading operation can begin for you.

In this section, you must select the currency you want so that your robot does start operating on the same currency. This section includes 20 valid coinmarketcap currencies.

For every amount of capital you give to the robot, you will receive 10 times the NCC token. You can increase your tokens and capital by using the monetization plan.

The NCC token is active on the tron blockchain platform, for information on the objectives of this project, you can read its roadmap and whitepaper.



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