Why I chose Netflix

My journey from interviewing to working at one of the most respected companies in our industry.

I have been designing websites for over 10+ years. The conversation about concept / message was never the part that excited me the most. It was always about building something from scratch that had never been done before.

Living in New York was such an amazing experience. That said, once you have kids, your perspective shifts. After experiencing the East for almost a year we, as a family, were ready to come back West and I, as a designer, was ready for a new challenge.

After doing some research (A.K.A. sending some emails) in the market I landed at Netflix in Los Gatos, CA for coffee with the guy who, today, is my boss. The great thing about "grabbing a coffee" is that you don't have all the formal interview process to block you to be whoever you are at your core.

Right after we had coffee I knew that I wanted to know more about Netflix and its design team, that it would not be just a casual date, but rather a potential engagement.

Done, I was scheduled to come back for a full day of interviews.

Let's talk about interviewing at Netflix

My interview process was probably one of the most intense that I have had. I spent probably 6 hours sitting in a room and meeting with several people across multiple disciplines. HR, Developers, Designers, Product Managers, VP of Design, everyone had their poker face on and was ready to check if I was the "real deal".

More than just making sure I was a good designer, everyone wanted to make sure I was a great culture fit. If you don’t know about Netflix culture, you should check this out.

I would say the main reason why I chose Netflix was because of the culture.

After the process, I flew back to NYC waiting to hear what would happen.

And, BOOM, I got a design test.

At first I was like: Wait, what?? Throughout my career, I would usually just meet with a Creative Director and he would say yes or no. But thinking about it today, it makes total sense to give someone you’re trying to hire a design task if you want to see how they approach a problem. You can have a portfolio that was not entirely made by you, but that relied on other people’s work.

My task was simple: Design the future of the Netflix Kids Experience.

I did the best work that I could given the information I had. I have a two-year-old at home, so watching the way she reacts whenever we set up Netflix for her was a big deal.

I knew I didn’t want to do something that was simply beautiful, but also something kids could interact with to easily browse and find the shows they like.

A few days after I submitted the test I got some great feedback from the Netflix team and here I am today.

Welcome dinner with my team.

I could not be more excited about work whose goal is to make your night’s experience even better with popcorn (of course) and Netflix.

Hope you guys will follow my journey, as I make your Netflix experience as enjoyable as mine.