Billing & Payments Engineering Meetup II

On March 18th, we hosted our second Billing & Payments Engineering Meetup at Netflix. It felt truly encouraging to see the growing interest of the engineer community of the Bay Area for the event. Just like the first event, the theater was almost full.

If you missed our first Meetup, you can check it here:

For this Meetup, we decided to take a different approach. We are several teams within Netflix that are involved with billing or payments at various level. Each of us gave a presentation of our work, therefore hoping to provide the audience with a 360, transversal vision of how payments are managed at Netflix. There’s a great synergy between us and we hope it was reflected in the talks we gave.

Stay tuned on the meetup page to be notified of the next event!

Payment Processing in the Cloud — Mathieu Chauvin — Payments Engineering

Now that Netflix has gained a tremendous experience with AWS, the Payments Engineering team has re-engineered their suite of applications into the cloud. It’s the first time payments are processed from a public cloud solution at this scale.

This presentation gives more information about the technical design of this new solution, as well as the transition strategy that was adopted, for a seamless migration of more than 57 million subscribers.

Mat’s team is hiring!
Senior Software Engineer/Architect — Payments Platform
Senior Software Engineer in Test — Payments Platform

Architecture about Billing Workflows in the Cloud — Sangeeta Handa & John Brandy — Billing Engineering

At Billing we are at the crossroads, where we are half way still in our old data center and half way migrated to cloud. Billing Engineering has 2 major aspects — One is batch renewal of Netflix subscribing customers and other is the APIs that change the billing state of a Netflix customer in some way. Our topic for discussion was how Billing engineering is managing its workflow for these APIs across different processes and teams in this scenario and technology stack we are using to accomplish this.

Sangeeta’s team is hiring!
Senior Software Engineer/Architect — Billing Platform
Senior Software Engineer in Test — Billing Platform

Payment Analytics at Netflix — Shankar Vedaraman — Data Science Engineering, Payments

Netflix Product has been data driven since inception and payment processing at Netflix is no different. With more than 55M customers paying Netflix on a monthly basis, there is lots of data to analyze and recommend dynamic routing of transactions to maximize approval rates. At the meetup, Shankar Vedaraman, who leads the Payment Analytics Data Science and Engineering team, presented all the different payments business processes that his team focusses on and touched upon key analytical insights that his team provides.

Shankar’s team is hiring!
Senior Data Engineer — Payment Analytics

Security for Billing & Payments — Poorna Udupi — Product and Application Security

Poorna Udupi who leads the Product and Application Security team at Netflix, spoke about making security consumable in the form of tools, libraries and self-service applications to enable developers attain a rapid velocity of feature delivery while simultaneously being secure. Specifically speaking to the audience of billing and payments enthusiasts, he discussed a few security techniques in detail: infrastructure segmentation, tokenization, utilization of big data for fraud and abuse detection, prevention and sanitization. He provided a lightning overview of some of the open source security projects contributed by his team such as Scumblr, Sketchy and others in the pipeline that focus on automating away security functions so that his team can focus on security feature experimentation and innovation.

Poorna’s team is hiring!
Senior Application Security Engineer/Architect
Senior Cloud Security Engineer/Architect
Senior Cloud Security DevOps Engineer
Senior Security Incident Response Engineer

Escape from PCI Land — Rahul Dani — Growth Product Engineering

Rahul Dani, who leads the Growth Product Engineering team at Netflix, talked about the adventure in steering the middle tier signup apps out of PCI scope and into a PCI free environment.

Rahul’s team is hiring!
Senior Software Engineer — Growth Product Engineering

Originally published at on March 30, 2015.