HTML5 Video is now supported in Firefox

Today we’re excited to announce the availability of our HTML5 player in Firefox! Windows support is rolling out this week, and OS X support will roll out next year.

Firefox ships with the very latest versions of the HTML5 Premium Video Extensions. That includes the Media Source Extensions (MSE), which enable our video streaming algorithms to adapt to your available bandwidth; the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), which allows for the viewing of protected content; and the Web Cryptography API (WebCrypto), which implements the cryptographic functions used by our open source Message Security Layer client-server protocol.

We worked closely with Mozilla and Adobe throughout development. Adobe supplies a content decryption module (CDM) that powers the EME API and allows protected content to play. We were pleased to find through our joint field testing that Adobe Primetime’s CDM, Mozilla’s <video> tag, and our player all work together seamlessly to provide a high quality viewing experience in Firefox. With the new Premium Video Extensions, Firefox users will no longer need to take an extra step of installing a plug-in to watch Netflix.

We’re gratified that our HTML5 player support now extends to the latest versions of all major browsers, including Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari, and Chrome. Upgrade today to the latest version of your browser to get our best-in-class playback experience.

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Originally published at on December 15, 2015.