Netflix at the Spinnaker Summit 2018

Author: Andy Glover

Since releasing Spinnaker as an open source project in late 2015, the Spinnaker user and contributor community has grown by leaps and bounds. Our strong partnership with Google and other companies has led to a plethora of innovations and features that enable rapid, safe, and reliable delivery to AWS, GCP, Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, DC/OS, Kubernetes, Titus, and Oracle Cloud. Moreover, internally at Netflix, Spinnaker continues to increase in overall scope with the incorporation of globally safe data delivery, library management, and Open Connect appliance firmware delivery. Indeed, the many benefits of Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker have proven invaluable for Netflix and myriad other companies.

Last year we hosted the inaugural Spinnaker Summit at Netflix and had a blast learning from various folks within the Spinnaker community about leveraging Spinnaker, adding new features, and customizing Spinnaker to fit diverse and unique needs. Consequently, we’re excited to sponsor this year’s Spinnaker Summit in Seattle, WA on Oct 8th and 9th.

This year’s Summit promises to be an amazing two days, as there are over 45 presentations, panel discussions, labs, and breakouts. There are speakers from around the globe representing companies such as:

  • Netflix
  • Google
  • AWS
  • Capital One
  • Schibsted
  • Cisco
  • Pivotal
  • Redbox

There are talks covering the gamut of Spinnaker features including:

  • Automated canary analysis with Kayenta
  • Leveraging Spinnaker with Kubernetes
  • Using Spinnaker to deploy games and stateful services
  • Leveraging Spinnaker for AWS Lambda
  • How to contribute to Spinnaker
  • How to operate Spinnaker

What’s more, there’s a half-day Spinnaker bootcamp, a half-day Automated Canary Analysis workshop, office hours focusing on operating Spinnaker, Spinnaker best practices, and contributing to Spinnaker. The talks will be recorded and posted on the Spinnaker Youtube channel following the Summit.

The Netflix Delivery Engineering team will be attending along with team members from our Edge, Titus, Open Connect, and Science and Algorithms teams. If you are currently using or even considering using Spinnaker then you should join us. You can register at; we hope to see you there in October!

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Netflix TechBlog

Learn about Netflix’s world class engineering efforts, company culture, product developments and more.

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