Netflix Hack Day — Autumn 2015

by Daniel Jacobson, Ruslan Meshenberg, Matt McCarthy, and Leslie Posada

Last week, we hosted our latest installment of Netflix Hack Day. As always, Hack Day is a way for our product development staff to get away from everyday work, to have fun, experiment, collaborate, and be creative.

The following video is an inside look at what our Hack Day event looks like:

Video credit: Sean Williams

This time, we had 75 hacks that were produced by about 200 engineers and designers (and even some from the legal team!). We’ve embedded some of our favorites below. You can also see some of our past hacks in our posts for March 2015, Feb. 2014 & Aug. 2014:

While we think these hacks are very cool and fun, they may never become part of the Netflix product, internal infrastructure, or otherwise be used beyond Hack Day. We are posting them here publicly to simply share the spirit of the event.

Thanks to all of the hackers for putting together some incredible work in just 24 hours!

Netflix VHF

Watch Netflix on your Philco Predicta, the TV of tomorrow! We converted a 1950’s era TV into a smart TV that runs Netflix.

By Bogdan Ciuca, Evan Browning, Sam Horner and Corey Grunewald

Narcos: Plata o Plomo Video Game

A fun game based on the Netflix original series, Narcos.

By Adnan Abbas, Joey Cato, Leonid Pekker and Marco Vinicius Caldeira

Stream Possible

Netflix TV experience over a 3G cell connection for the non-broadband rich parts of the world.

By Guy Cirino, Alex Wolfe, and Carenina Garcia Motion

Ok Netflix

Ok Netflix can find the exact scene in a movie or episode from listening to the dialog that comes from that scene. Speak the dialog into Ok Netflix and Ok Netflix will do the rest, starting the right title in the right location.

By Robert Reta, Srdjan Pantic, Ryan Schroder, Suudhan Rangarajan and Subramanian Nagarajan

Smart Channels

A way to watch themed collections of content that are personalized and also autoplay like serialized content.

By Marco Vinicius Caldeira, Adam Butterworth and Matt Canton

And here are some pictures taken during the event.

Originally published at on November 9, 2015.