Netflix Presentation Videos from AWS Re:Invent 2013

AWS recorded all the talks, there are hundreds of videos, so to make it easier to find the Netflix-related ones, here are links to the videos.

DMG206 — Development Patterns for Iteration, Scale, Performance and Availability Neil Hunt — Chief Product Officer

ENT203 What Enterprises Can Learn From Netflix Yury Israilevsky — VP Cloud and Platform Engineering

SVC202 — How Netflix’s Tools Can Help Accelerate Your Startup — slides:

Adrian Cockcroft Cloud Architect and Ruslan Meshenberg Director Platform Engineering

ARC305 — How Netflix Leverages Multiple Regions to Increase Availability — slides:

Ruslan Meshenberg — Director Platform Engineering

BDT306 Data Science at Netflix with Amazon EMR Kurt Brown — Director Data Science Platforms

BDT302 Deft Data at Netflix: Using Amazon S3 and Amazon EMR for Monitoring at Gigascale Roy Rapoport, Manager Monitoring Engineering, Netflix

SEC304 Encryption and Key Management Jason Chan, Cloud Security Architect, Netflix

CPN302 Your Linux AMI: Optimization and Performance Thor Nolen Ecosystems Solutions Architect, AWS Coburn Watson, Manager Cloud Performance, Netflix

Extended slide deck has about 40 more slides than are shown in the video:

MED303 Maximizing Audience Engagement in Media Delivery Usman Shakeel Principal Solutions Architect, AWS Shobana Radhakrishnan Engineering Manager, Netflix

BDT301 Scaling Your Analytics with Amazon EMR Peter Sirota General Manager Amazon EMR, AWS Eva Tse, Director of Big Data Platform, Netflix starts 25minutes in. Bob Harris, CTO, Channel 4

MED304 Automated Media Workflows in the Cloud Tony Koinov, Director Engineering, starts 34 minutes in.

Originally published at on December 19, 2013.