Netflix Releases Falcor Developer Preview

by Jafar Husain, Paul Taylor, and Michael Paulson

Developers strive to create the illusion that all of their application’s data is sitting right there on the user’s device just waiting to be displayed. To make that experience a reality, data must be efficiently retrieved from the network and intelligently cached on the client.

That’s why Netflix created Falcor, a JavaScript library for efficient data fetching. Falcor powers Netflix’s mobile, desktop and TV applications.

Falcor lets you represent all your remote data sources as a single domain model via JSON Graph. Falcor makes it easy to access as much or as little of your model as you want, when you want it. You retrieve your data using familiar JavaScript operations like get, set, and call. If you know your data, you know your API.

You code the same way no matter where the data is, whether in memory on the client or over the network on the server. Falcor keeps your data in a single, coherent cache and manages stale data and cache pruning for you. Falcor automatically traverses references in your graph and makes requests as needed. It transparently handles all network communications, opportunistically batching and de-duping requests.

Today, Netflix is unveiling a developer preview of Falcor:

Falcor is still under active development and we’ll be unveiling a roadmap soon. This developer preview includes a Node version of our Falcor Router not yet in production use.

We’re excited to start developing in the open and share this library with the community, and eager for your feedback and contributions.

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Originally published at on August 17, 2015.