Netflix Tech Blog

Hi there,

This is a new Netflix blog focused purely on technology issues. We’ll share our perspectives, decisions and challenges regarding the software we build and use to create the Netflix service.

Netflix is a software company. We don’t sell software, but nevertheless software is our lifeblood. We’ve been a software company since an accomplished engineer, Reed Hastings, co-founded the company in 1997. That competence has been critical to our growth and in our transition to a streaming-focused company from a company that mailed DVDs.

The markets we compete in move very quickly, and Netflix moves quickly within those markets. The deep talent in our engineering teams is the engine that drives our business. Whether it is getting our service onto cutting-edge new consumer devices, improving the start time and quality for streaming, building cloud-based architectures to support a business that’s growing more than 50% year-over-year, or inventing new personalization algorithms, it all comes back to our incredible engineering team.

We intend to use this blog to share the details of our approach and the technical challenges we face. We’d like it to be a tool for prospective employees and fellow engineers in our industry to understand the company’s take on the technology issues of our day. Thank you for reading and participating in the conversation!

— Kevin McEntee, Greg Peters, and John Ciancutti, Netflix VPs of engineering

Originally published at on December 1, 2010.