NetflixOSS Meetup Series 1 Episode 3 — Featured Contributions

by Adrian Cockcroft and Ruslan Meshenberg

Our third NetflixOSS Meetup introduced our latest project releases, updates on the NetflixOSS Cloud Prize, and featured demonstrations from contributors as well as many Netflix projects.

The projects we covered in the lightning presentations were:

  • Pytheas — A web based framework for quickly building dashboards
  • Conformity Monkey — Maintain best practices for cloud deployments
  • Zuul — Edge tier for dynamic filtering of requests
  • Ice — AWS usage and cost analysis tool
  • Genie — Hadoop platform abstraction service for EMR
  • Lipstick — Visualization of Pig workflows

We had demonstrations of the above projects plus from NetflixOSS contributors:

  • Eucalyptus — V3.3 is now in production with support for NetflixOSS tools
  • IBM — Scalable implementation of Acme Air demo using NetflixOSS
  • Paypal — Rewrite of Asgard console to support Openstack deployments
  • Riot Games — Cloud Native architecture based on many NetflixOSS projects

There was another good turnout, beer, wine, plenty of greek food and lots of discussion around the demo stations. In the afternoon before the meetup we had a workshop/bootcamp with a small number of our most active NetflixOSS contributors. We were able to help them with their projects while also getting a lot of extremely useful feedback on many aspects of the NetflixOSS program.

We are happy with the way that NetflixOSS is helping raise awareness of Cloud Native architecture, and how it has been adopted by larger organizations. It is in use at places like Riot Games that employ some ex-Netflix engineers, who continue to contribute code that Netflix uses even though we no longer need to pay them! However we are aware that individual Cloud Prize contestants and smaller organizations are suffering from “Technical Indigestion” because there is too much here for people to absorb and to get up and running quickly. To address this we have been concentrating our efforts on making it easier to get started. We were able to announce our first official Netflix AMI for Asgard at the event, and will be producing more of them in the coming weeks. We also have contributions to the NetflixOSS Cloud Prize which include Puppet based AMIs, a Chef Cookbook for Ice, and Ansible Playbooks.

The NetflixOSS Cloud Prize has inspired some additional prizes, Citrix have said they will give $10K to the best contribution to getting NetflixOSS to work with Apache Cloudstack. In addition Canonical have created their own contest (based on a fork of the NetflixOSS Cloud Prize rules) for their Ubuntu Juju orchestration application, to create Juju Charms that install and manage applications based on combinations of individual services. There are several prizes of $10K available. Canonical want to encourage the creation Juju charms for installing NetflixOSS based applications and Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical will be joining the NetflixOSS Cloud Prize judges, while Adrian Cockcroft will help judge the Juju Charm Championship.

We have an outline plan to hold another NetflixOSS Meetup after the deadline for the NetflixOSS Cloud Prize on September 15th, where we will reveal the Nominations in each category. The final prize winners will be announced and receive their prizes at AWS Re:Invent, November in Las Vegas.

We hope to see you there! Here’s the slides:

And the video:

Originally published at on July 25, 2013.

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