NetflixOSS Open House

by Adrian Cockcroft, Ruslan Meshenberg.

As many of you know, we have open sourced many components of the Netflix infrastructure over the last year — ranging from our deployment console Asgard and Simian Army Monkeys, to the Cassandra and Zookeeper clients that we use internally. We hope that these tools are helping you run your business on Amazon Web Services, just like they help us. You can find all of our open source projects at our Github site.

The components we open sourced can be used separately, but we use them as an integrated platform to support the Netflix Web site and services. We have several missing pieces that we plan to release over the coming months that will fill out the platform functionality. So, ultimately, you will also have access to what we call the Netflix Open Source Platform.

So far we’ve had great interest and involvement from the open source community, and would like to extend an invitation to our NetflixOSS Open House. At this event you can meet the authors of the components and deep-dive into technology and architectural choices. We’ll show how all the components fit together, and share some details on what’s coming next on our Open Source Platform roadmap.

Event schedule: Wednesday, February 6th

6:30pm — 7:00pm — Refreshments/snacks

7:00pm — 7:15pm — Kick-off by Ruslan and Adrian

  • introduction to NetflixOSS platform
  • 2013 roadmap and sneak peek into what’s to come

7:15pm — 7:45pm — Lightning Talks about individual NetflixOSS projects

8:00pm — 9:00pm — Breakout Sessions in Rooms and Lab/Demo Stations

Register at NetflixOSS Meetup Group

Originally published at on January 14, 2013.